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CCP hf., doing business as CCP Games, is an Icelandic video game developer based in Reykjavík. Novator Partners and General Catalyst had previously collectively owned a majority stake in the company, and in September 2018, CCP was acquired by South Korean video game publisher Pearl Abyss for $425 million.[1] CCP Games is best known for developing Eve Online, which was released in 2003 and has since been maintained.

CCP Games was founded in June 1997 by Reynir Harðarson, Þórólfur Beck Kristjónsson and Ívar Kristjánsson for the purpose of making MMORPGs.[2][3] The name "CCP" is short for "Crowd Control Productions".[4] To finance the initial development of Eve Online, CCP Games developed and published a board game, called Hættuspil ("Danger Game").[2] The game sold more than 10,000 copies to Iceland's 80,000 households.[5] In April 2000 the company, with Sigurður Arnljótsson as CEO, raised $2.6 million, through a closed offering organised by Kaupthing Bank, from private investors in Iceland, including the Icelandic telephone company Síminn. He was with the company from 1999 to 2002 during which time the company raised two rounds of financing and secured a contract with publisher Simon & Schuster. Approximately half of the initial 21 employees came from Icelandic dot-com company OZ Interactive.

On 11 November 2006, it was announced that CCP Games had entered a merger agreement with White Wolf Publishing.[6][7] With the merge, the combined company planned to produce "the industry's most innovative games leveraging both online and offline systems".[8] While CCP Games looked into creating online games based on White Wolf Publishing's properties, White Wolf Publishing would in turn create card games based on Eve Online.[9][10] On 3 October 2007, CCP Games announced that CCP North America, a new video game-focused subsidiary, would be set up within White Wolf Publishing's Stone Mountain, Georgia location on 12 October, hiring 100 developers.[11][12] White Wolf Publishing president Mike Tinney was additionally promoted head of CCP North America.[13][14][15] In February 2011, CCP Games announced that intentions to expand the location from their presently 150 positions to 300, and move the studio to new housing in Decatur, Georgia.[16][17][18][19] However, when CCP Games let go 20% of their worldwide staff, most of these layoffs occurred at CCP North America.[20][21] On 27 February 2012, Tinney stated that he had departed from both operations to focus on his new gaming-and-health startup, UtiliFIT.[22][23][24] In December 2013, further 15 people from the World of Darkness Online development team were let go.[25][26] White Wolf Publishing was acquired by Paradox Interactive on 29 October 2015.[27][28][29] The deal comprised an undisclosed all-cash sum for CCP Games, and the company assets of White Wolf Publishing, their intellectual property and the rights to World of Darkness Online for Paradox Interactive.[30][31][32]

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