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CCleaner (/ˈsiːkliːnər/, originally Crap Cleaner),[7] developed by Piriform (a company acquired by Avast in 2017), is a utility used to clean potentially unwanted files and invalid Windows Registry entries from a computer. It is one of the longest-established system cleaners, first launched in 2004.[8] It was originally developed for Microsoft Windows only,[9] but in 2012, a macOS version was released. An Android version was released in 2014.

CCleaner has been reviewed by Chip.de,[10] TechRadar,[11] PC Magazine,[12] and TechRepublic.[13]

CCleaner can delete potentially unwanted files left by certain programs, including Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Windows Media Player, eMule, Google Toolbar, Netscape, Microsoft Office, Nero, Adobe Acrobat, McAfee, Adobe Flash Player, Sun Java, WinRAR, WinAce, WinZip and GIMP[14] along with browsing history, cookies, recycle bin, memory dumps, file fragments, log files, system caches, application data, autocomplete form history, and various other data.[15] The program includes a registry cleaner to locate and correct problems in the Windows registry, such as missing references to shared DLLs, unused registration entries for file extensions, and missing references to application paths.[14] CCleaner 2.27 and later can wipe the MFT free space of a drive, or the entire drive.

CCleaner can uninstall programs or modify the list of programs that execute on startup.[16] Since version 2.19, CCleaner can delete Windows System Restore points. CCleaner can also automatically update installed programs and computer drivers. [17][18]

CCleaner also has its own web browser called CCleaner Browser. CCleaner Browser is included to optionally install in the CCleaner installer, but it can also be installed from its website. CCleaner Browser avoids advertising, avoids tracking, has built-in security against all kinds of malware, phishing, malicious downloads, and also avoids unwanted elements such as pop-ups or excessive browser cache. The browser is only available for Microsoft Windows.

CCleaner was first launched in 2004 for Microsoft Windows.[8] It remained a Windows-only utility until 2012. On 2 June 2011, Piriform announced a public beta test program for CCleaner for Mac.[19] The Mac version graduated to the test stage on 30 January 2012.[20]

A commercial Network Edition was also introduced. Piriform released CCleaner for Android in 2014.[21]

CNET editors gave the application a rating of 5/5 stars, calling it a 'must-have tool'. It was awarded Editor's Choice Award in April 2009 by CNET.[22] In 2016 Piriform announced 2 billion CCleaner downloads worldwide.[23] In January 2014 it had been the most popular software on FileHippo for more than a year, and had a 5-star editor's rating on download.zone and Softpedia.[24] CCleaner has been reviewed by Chip.de,[10] TechRadar,[25] PC Magazine[26] and TechRepublic.[13]

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