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CIIT-DT, virtual and UHF digital channel 35, is a religious television station licensed to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The station is owned by ZoomerMedia. CIIT-DT's studios are located on Osborne Street and Wardlaw Avenue in Winnipeg, and its transmitter is located near Courchaine Road (near Manitoba Provincial Road 200) in southern Winnipeg.

On cable and satellite, the station is available on Shaw Cable and MTS TV channel 11, Telus Optik TV channel 875, and Bell Satellite TV channel 591.

In February 2002, Trinity Television Inc. was granted a licence for a religious television station in Winnipeg.[1] The station was set to be launched in September 2004 as "NowTV", to be the second station using that brand, previously used on Trinity's Vancouver station, CHNU-TV. However, the station did not launch on that date.

In 2004, before that station's launch, Rogers Communications bought Trinity Television and took control of CIIT's licence. Under Rogers control, the station was set to be launched again on November 14, 2005 as the fourth Omni Television station, it was later set back again and launched on February 6, 2006 as "Omni 11". The use of channel 35 marks CIIT as Winnipeg's first ever UHF station.

On September 28, 2007, Rogers' CRTC application to acquire the Citytv stations, including CHMI in Winnipeg, was approved. As a condition of this approval, Rogers had to sell CIIT and CHNU in Vancouver, in order to comply with CRTC restrictions on owning multiple stations in the same language in the same market. Rogers had a one-year grace period to find new owners for both stations.

On November 6, 2007, Rogers Communications announced the sale of CIIT and CHNU to S-VOX. The deal was approved by the CRTC on March 31, 2008. The sale was finalized on April 30, 2008 and S-VOX assumed control of the station on June 30 of that year. Shortly after S-VOX took control of the station, In July 2008, CIIT disaffiliated from the Omni television system and was subsequently rebranded as "CIIT11". S-VOX soon announced that both CIIT and CHNU would rebrand under a newly created television brand, Joytv. CIIT was rebranded again on September 1, 2008 using the on-air brand "Joytv 11".

In June 2009, S-VOX announced it would sell its broadcasting assets to ZoomerMedia, a company controlled by Moses Znaimer.[2] The sale was approved by the CRTC on March 30, 2010.[3] ZoomerMedia assumed control of S-VOX's broadcasting assets on June 30, 2010.[4]

In late-August 2013, CIIT re-launched as "Hope TV", dropping the Joytv format and all secular programs in favour of a traditional religious format. Total weekly viewing hours dropped from 84,000 in Fall 2012 to just 28,000 hours in Fall 2013,[5] recovering slightly to 42,000 hours in Fall 2014—but still equivalent to just one percent of the total viewing hours earned by the Winnipeg CTV station, and two percent of the hours earned by both the CBC and Global stations.[6]

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