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CJNT-DT, virtual channel 62 (UHF digital channel 49), is a Citytv owned-and-operated television station licensed to Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The station is owned by the Rogers Media subsidiary of Rogers Communications. CJNT-DT's studios are located inside the Rogers Building at the corner of McGill College Avenue and Cathcart Street near the Place Ville Marie complex in Downtown Montreal, and its transmitter is located at Mount Royal Park, near Downtown Montreal. On cable, the station is available on Vidéotron channel 14 and in high definition on digital channel 614, and on Rogers Cable channel 122. On Shaw Direct, it is carried on channels 366 (Classic) and 97 (Advanced), and in high definition on channels 46 (Classic) and 546 (Advanced).

Prior to being acquired by Rogers in 2013, CJNT was a multicultural station throughout its existence.

The station signed on the air on September 8, 1997, but had its roots in the 1980s as La Télévision Ethnique du Québec (TEQ), a public access ethnic cable channel. It had plans on moving over-the-air as early as the early 1990s, but was dogged by financial problems. Even after it signed on, its finances were in such a state that it never signed on earlier than noon. Part of the problem was that its effective radiated power was only 11 kilowatts, easily the weakest full-power station in Montreal and one of the weakest in North America – roughly on the same level as low-powered UHF stations in the United States. This effectively limited its over-the-air footprint to the Island of Montreal, Jésus Island and a few areas on the mainland; even in those areas, its signal was marginal at best. Most viewers could only get a clear picture on cable.

Many shows that had aired on TEQ for many years did not make the cut for CJNT because they did not meet the standards for commercial broadcasting. However, many of the shows that did make it were of somewhat marginal quality. Its commitment to ethnic groups was questioned, especially late at night when it would frequently show English-language infomercials for a psychic hotline.

Western International Communications bought CJNT in 1999. WIC owned Montreal's CTV affiliate, CFCF (channel 12), but was facing serious competition from Global, which had expanded into Quebec the same year CJNT signed on. WIC figured CJNT would give it much-needed leverage in Montreal. It planned to relaunch CJNT on the model of Canada's first multicultural station, CFMT in Toronto, with 60% ethnic content and 40% American content. However, WIC was only able to buy the shares of CJNT held by Marie Griffiths, as ownership of the rest of the shares was being contested in court.[2] It was not allowed to make changes to CJNT's license without majority ownership, and its plans became moot when Canwest bought WIC's television assets in 2000. Canwest was not allowed to keep CFCF because Montreal's anglophone population was too small to permit a twinstick with Global station CKMI in Quebec City (CFCF was eventually sold to CTV). However, Canwest was allowed to keep WIC's interest in CJNT, and bought the remaining shares.[3]

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