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CTA International is an equal-shares joint venture company between defence companies Nexter and BAE Systems. CTAI is based in Bourges, France, and has been established to develop and manufacture case telescoped weapons and ammunition. The company name is an acronym for Case Telescoped Ammunition.[1] Its main product is a 40mm cannon for light armoured vehicles.

The CTAS40 Case Telescoped Armament System (CTAS) cannon is designed to fire 40mm telescoped ammunition.[3] This format provides significant benefit within vehicles in the space envelope required for the gun and the ammunition storage.[4] However, the selection of the unfielded new design for major programmes has been controversial.[5][6]

The CT40 40mm cannon has been ordered by the French Army for use on its future armoured reconnaissance vehicle EBRC Jaguar. It has also been mandated for the UK Ajax (formerly FRES SV) and Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme (WCSP) programmes.

In February 2010 CTAI signed a £11m contract with the French and British defence ministries to qualify the CTWS, including environmental testing and the firing of 15,000 rounds.[7]

The company has confirmed that the ammunition for the British weapons will be assembled at BAE Systems' ROF Glascoed facility.[8]

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