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CTV 2 is a Canadian English-language television system owned by the Bell Media subsidiary of BCE Inc. The system consists of four terrestrial owned-and-operated television stations (O&Os) in Ontario, one in British Columbia and two regional cable television channels, one in Atlantic Canada and the other in Alberta (the latter formerly being the provincial educational channel in that province under the name Access Alberta),Emits simulcast with NBC and CBS.

The CTV 2 system began in 1995 as NewNet, which was originated from the station CKVR-TV, owned by CHUM Limited, who disaffiliated from the CBC and modeled its format aimed at younger viewers after its Citytv station, CITY-TV in Toronto. The NewNet system expanded with the acquisition of four Baton Broadcasting stations in Southern Ontario, followed by the launch of CIVI-TV in Vancouver Island. NewNet was rebranded to A-Channel in 2005 after acquiring the assets of Craig Media. In 2007, CHUM Limited was acquired by CTVglobemedia; to comply with Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) ownership limits while the Citytv stations were sold to Rogers Media and relaunched as A in 2008 then again as CTV Two in 2011 with two former Astral Media stations in British Columbia joining the system in 2015.

CTV 2 provides complementary programming to Bell Media's larger CTV network, though since the late 2010s it has increasingly aired repeats in primetime, with only a handful of first-run programs apart from late-night talk shows (simulcast from NBC and CBS) and stations' local newscasts. It operates primarily in markets that overlap with the service area of an existing CTV station.

The system began to develop in 1995, at CKVR-TV in Barrie, Ontario. In September of that year, owner CHUM Limited dropped CKVR's longtime affiliation with CBC Television[2] and relaunched it as an independent station[3] with a more youthful image in order to generate interest from viewers in the neighbouring Toronto market, where CKVR had long been available on basic cable. This included adopting a news format similar to the CityPulse newscasts on sister station CITY-TV, replacing its various classic television shows with more contemporary series, and picking up a package of games for the Toronto Raptors, Toronto's then-new NBA franchise.[4] The resulting station became known as "The New VR".

The experiment was successful enough that CHUM replicated CKVR's format on stations it had acquired from Baton Broadcasting in 1997, namely CHRO in Pembroke, CFPL-TV in London, CKNX-TV in Wingham, and CHWI-TV in Windsor. Most of these stations were also former CBC affiliates, and in markets where CKVR's sister station, CITY-TV, was already or subsequently became available on basic cable. CIVI-DT in Victoria, British Columbia was added into the system at its launch in October 2001.

CHUM informally referred to these stations as the "NewNet".[5] That name was never used on-air on any of these stations; rather it served as a common identifier for the stations to advertising buyers (it was also used on news vehicles in Southwestern Ontario). On-air, each station was known as "The New XX", with XX representing the last two letters of the station's callsign (e.g., "The New WI" for CHWI, "The New RO" for CHRO, "The New PL" for CFPL, etc.)

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