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The Circassian Majlis[2] (Adyghe: Адыгэ Хасэ, romanized: Adıgə Xasə; also called the Majlis of Independence Adyghe: Шъхьафитныгъэ Хасэ, romanized: Şhafitnığə Xasə)[2] was the legislature of Circassia and a political resistance council formed in 1860 after a meeting in Sochi between the leaders of the Circassian regions, most notably the Shapsug, the Natukhaj, and the Ubykh.[3][4][5][6][7]

The Majlis consisted of the leaders of the tribal confederations with the intention to defend the Western part of Circassia from Russian invasion,[8] and to liberate the occupied Eastern Circassia from the Russian Empire and their Cossack troops during the Russian-Circassian War.[9] It also sent delegates abroad to gain support for the Circassian struggle internationally.[5]

Being a political resistance council and the legislature of Circassia,[5][6][7] the Majlis was established in the capital city of Sochi (Adyghe: Шъачэ, romanized: Ş̂açə) on June 13, 1860 and Qerandiqo Berzeg was elected as the head of the Majlis.[10]

Although the Shapsug, Natukhaj, and Ubykh were the main founders, volunteers from the fallen Hatuqwai, Abdzakh, Bzhedug, Kabardian and Chemguy regions were also present. Abkhazians and Abazins also took part in the construction of the Majlis building.

Nobles, elders and commanders of all social backgrounds gathered to discuss the immediate need to collaborate and work together regardless of their ideological, ethnic, religious or social divisions for the sake of survival.

In an effort to raise awareness, the council formally drafted and declared the independent state of Circassia and immediately sought to have the Circassian nation recognized, as well as redouble efforts to secure arms and material support to finance their self-defense campaigns. They discussed tactics, planned alliances and made efforts to prepare for a last stand (see Qbaada last stand).

The decisions taken by the Majlis were the following:

The Majlis government negotiated with the Russian Tsar Alexander II in September 1861 to establish peace, expressing their readiness to accept Russian citizenship.

Our intention is to rule our country with strict justice, without inflicting injustice on anyone.

A people with good intentions like us should have inspired such a powerful country like yours.

We do our best to manage our country fairly, we want to treat our compatriots fairly and respect the life and property of foreigners who come to us.

What is the task of such a powerful nation such as your country, claiming to be honorable: to destroy a people?

Be fair to us and do not destroy our property and our mosques, it is shameful for a powerful state to take a person's life unnecessarily.

You are misleading the whole world by spreading rumors that we are a savage people; yet we are human beings just like you are.

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