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Cthulhu mythos in popular culture

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This article provides a list of cultural references to the work of author H. P. Lovecraft. These references are collectively known as the Cthulhu Mythos. For works that are stylistically Lovecraftian, including comics and film adaptations influenced by Lovecraft, see Lovecraftian horror.

Films based on, or inspired by, the writings of H. P. Lovecraft include the following.[1]

The Old Ones, referred to as the "Eldritch Terrors" are the main antagonists of Part 4. A total of eight Eldritch Terrors appear in the series; although they are not directly named after any deities from the Cthulhu Mythos, they adopt many of their characteristics. One of the season's minor antagonists, Father Blackwood, establishes a church worshipping the Eldritch Terrors using the pseudonym "Reverend Lovecraft". H.P. Lovecraft himself is referenced as a writer of weird fiction, as well as a source of information for The Weird, an Eldritch Terror with features similar to Cthulhu. In the same episode, the town of Innsmouth is also mentioned. The final episode of the series is titled At the Mountains of Madness (after the novella of the same name) and takes place on the eponymous location.

Though no allusion to Cthulhu or any of the Lovecraftian gods are made, a talking version of the Necronomicon is utilized by the aspiring young wizard Kyle Bloodworth-Thomason as a regular grimoire.

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