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The Deep South Heavyweight Championship was the primary championship in Deep South Wrestling, a former developmental territory of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). When the title was first introduced, it was awarded to Mike Mizanin, who won a tournament to become the initial champion.[1] The title was vacated on April 18, 2007 when WWE ceased using DSW as a developmental territory.[1][2] On July 12, 2007, a tournament was held to crown a new champion, which was won by Austin Creed.[1]

The title was first awarded to the winner of an 8-Man Single Elimination Tournament, held over a 2-week period, with the first-round matches being held November 23, 2005, and the semi-final and final matches on December 1.

The title was "held-up" after the agreement between WWE and DSW ended in March 2007, and another tournament was held in on July 12 to crown the new champion.

↑Alexander the Great defeated Salvatore Rinauro by Coin Toss

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