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Dominique Rijpma Van Hulst (born 7 September 1981) is a Dutch singer known by her stage name Do. She is best known for singing the vocals of "Heaven," DJ Sammy's worldwide top 10 hit in 2002-2003, a cover of the 1980s hit of the same name by Bryan Adams.

Dominique Rijpma van Hulst was born in 1981 in Valkenswaard, Netherlands. She was raised by her stepfather Willem-Jan van Hulst, a popular tennis coach. At age fifteen, she planned to compete in Wimbledon, but an injury ended her tennis career.

Her first musical performance was in café Old Dutch in Valkenswaard, which led to a record label deal with Sony Music BMG.

Before she even released a single, she was a supporting act for the tour of 5ive and Montell Jordan in the Netherlands. The first single Do released was the song "Real Good". Although the music video was played a lot on the Dutch music channel TMF, it was not a hit song in the Netherlands. Later in an interview, she says that "It wasn't my sound, and I hated the video. Thankfully it wasn't a hit, 'cause I don't want people to remember me from that song". After that, Do collaborated with DJ Sammy and Yanou, who is also her producer. The song was a cover of Bryan Adams song Heaven. It became an international hit. It reached the number one spot in the United Kingdom and was a Top ten hit in several countries. A candlelight remix version was made with a slower, piano instrumental. During this time, she had some problems with the credits of the song. Everywhere she went, she was asked if she was DJ Sammy because the song (in accordance with most dance songs) was credited to DJ Sammy, and she was the main focus in the video.[citation needed] Her candlelight version of "Heaven" is also used for the ending sequence of the TV series Cold Case, 1st-season episode 8 'Fly Away'.

Do's self-titled debut, Do, was released in 2004, and reached No. 3 in the Netherlands. The first single from the album, "Voorbij", a duet with Marco Borsato, reached No. 1. She also had top ten hits in the Netherlands with her next two singles, "Love Is Killing Me" (which reached the No. 6) and "Angel by My Side" (which reached No. 10). A specially recorded version of "Angel by My Side" was used as the title song for the 2004 Dutch film "Ellis in Glamourland".

The fourth single was planned to be a cover of the Cyndi Lauper song "I Don't Want to Be Your Friend". The plan fell through - Do's management did not get the rights to release it as a single.

The album received the golden status (40,000 copies) in the Netherlands just before Christmas. Although Do's former international success with "Heaven", her album was not released in other countries, the reasons are unknown. To end the year, she recorded a Christmas song with Trijntje Oosterhuis on the order of Sky Radio. It was called "Everyday Is Christmas". Due to the airplay it reached No. 7 in the Dutch Top 40.

After the tsunami disaster in Indonesia, Do joined several Dutch artists to record a song for the victims of the tsunami. The song, "Als Je Iets Kan Doen" (If You Can Do Something), reached No. 1 in the Netherlands and stayed there for several weeks. All of the profits from the song went to the victims of the tsunami disaster.

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