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Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini (born October 21, 1995), known professionally as Doja Cat (/doʊdʒə/), is an American rapper, singer and songwriter. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she began making and releasing music on SoundCloud as a teenager. Her song "So High" caught the attention of Kemosabe and RCA Records, with which she signed a joint record deal at the age of 17, subsequently releasing her debut EP Purrr! in 2014.

After a hiatus from commercial music and the uneventful release of her debut studio album, Amala (2018), Doja Cat earned viral success as an internet meme with her 2018 single "Mooo!", a novelty song in which she fantasizes about being a cow. Her second studio album, Hot Pink (2019), reached the top 10 of the US Billboard 200 and spawned the single "Say So", which topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart following the release of a remix featuring Nicki Minaj. This album was followed by Planet Her (2021), which spent three consecutive weeks at number 2 on the Billboard 200 and spawned the top 10 singles "Kiss Me More" (featuring SZA) and "Need to Know".

Described by The Wall Street Journal as "a skilled technical rapper with a strong melodic sense and a bold visual presence",[5] Doja Cat is known for creating music videos and songs that achieve popularity on social media applications such as TikTok. She is also well-versed in the internet herself, and is famed for her absurdly humorous personality and online presence.[6][7][8][9] Apart from nominations for eleven Grammy Awards, Doja Cat has received numerous accolades throughout her career, including a Billboard Music Award, five American Music Awards and three MTV Video Music Awards.

Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini[10] was born on October 21, 1995,[11][12] into an artistic family in the Tarzana neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.[1][13] Her mother is a Jewish-American painter,[14][15] and her father, Dumisani Dlamini, is a South African actor of Zulu descent,[16] best known for starring as Crocodile in the original Broadway cast of the musical Sarafina! and the 1992 film of the same name.[17][18] He claims to have left his family in the US for South Africa out of homesickness, in the hopes that they would join him there,[19] yet Doja Cat has on multiple occasions suggested that she is estranged from her father, claiming that she "never met him".[20][21][22] Her father has denied these claims, claiming that he has a "healthy" relationship with his daughter and that her management team had tried to block all his attempts to contact her out of the fear that they might lose her.[23][19]

Soon after her birth, Dlamini and her mother moved from Tarzana to Rye, New York, where they lived for five years.[24][25] Her family later moved back to California in Oak Park, where she started attending dance lessons and experienced a "sporty childhood", often skateboarding and visiting Malibu for surf camps.[25][26] Her family then moved near the Sherman Oaks neighborhood of Los Angeles when she was 11 years old. They lived on the Sai Anantam Ashram[27] in the mountains of Agoura Hills and practiced Hinduism for four years,[28][29][30][24] under the swamiship of American jazz musician Alice Coltrane (known by the Sanskrit name Turiyasangitananda).[26] It was here that Dlamini wore head-covering scarves and sang bhajans at temple,[1] yet felt like she could not properly "be a kid" with Hinduism's constraining customs.[24] She claims to have lacked interest in school from then on, instead taking a liking for dance.[31] While at the ashram she had been dancing the style of Indian classical dance called Bharatanatyam.[26] As she grew older and moved away from the ashram, she moved on to breakdancing classes and joined a professional poplocking troupe with whom she competed in dance battles throughout Los Angeles while still attending high school.[13] Her aunt, a singer, had given Dlamini singing lessons to help her get into a performing arts high school.[26] She frequently skipped school to participate in online chatrooms,[32] and eventually dropped out at age 16 while in her junior year.[33]

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