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Edyta Małgorzata Bartosiewicz (born 11 January 1965 in Warsaw[1]) is a Polish rock singer, composer, and songwriter. In Poland, she's known for her highly reflective and unusual lyrics. Sixteen of her singles reached the top of Polish Radio charts. Over the course of her musical career, she has received five Fryderyk Awards – the most important recognition in the Polish music industry.

Bartosiewicz learned to play guitar at age ten. She studied at Nicolaus Copernicus High School in Warsaw (XXXIII L.O. im. Mikołaja Kopernika), and was interested in sports, and later attended SGPiS in Warsaw (now SGH, Warsaw School of Economics.)

Interested in music and having played in a few bands, she left for London in 1986 where she met The Blue Aeroplanes. After her return to Warsaw, having dropped out of college, she joined the Staff group. In 1989 she won Mokotowska Jesień Muzyczna. In the following year, she appeared on The Big Beat, an album by the band Holloee Poloy (formerly the Staff group). She received a number of awards and sang guest and backing vocals on various records.

Edyta quit Halloee Poloy due to, as she said herself, resistance to her composing and songwriting style. At the end of 1991 she started recording the album Love in studio S-4 in Warsaw. Rafał Paczkowski was responsible for the production of that album. This time her album was successful. By 2001, 67,000 copies had been sold and finally the album achieved Gold status. The most popular singles from this album were: “If”, “Goodbye to the Roman Candles,” “Blues for you”, “Have to Carry On”. The album was also released in Western Europe by Chrysalis Records but didn't make much noise there.

On 18 May 1994 the album “Dream” (Sen) was released by Izabelin Studio. It was recorded with a completely new band i.e. Michał Grymuza (guitars), Radosław Zagajewski (bass), Krzysztof Palczewski (keyboard). Leszek Kamiński ( Bartosiewicz's husband as of 1990) was responsible for the production. This time her new album was sung mostly in Polish unlike the previous one "Love", sung mostly in English. The music can be described as eclectic, including acoustic songs as well as hard rock songs such as cover of the song "Move Over" by Janis Joplin. Her songs: “Dream” (Sen), “Capricorn” (Koziorożec), “Tattoo” (Tatuaż), or “Joke at a Zoo” (Żart w zoo) were a huge success on the music charts.

In 1994, at the end of September, nine concerts were given in the nine biggest Polish cities. The tour was a huge success, as well as the album, which achieved Platinum status after selling over 300 thousand copies. Bartosiewicz herself was declared the best singer by the readers of the Polish magazine "Only Rock" ("Tylko Rock" – now known as "Teraz Rock" ["Now Rock"]), and the album's title song "Dream" ("Sen") is still one of her best known. The singer also received two 1995 Fryderyk Awards in the category: Best Artist and Best Pop/Rock Album.

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