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Eix Transversal (English: Transversal Arterial Road[1]; lit. Transversal Axis), labelled C-25, is a primary highway in Catalonia, Spain. It crosses the Catalan Transversal Range mountainous region, connecting the northern end of the Catalan Coastal Depression with the Catalan Central Depression.[2]

According to the current coding for highways managed by the Generalitat de Catalunya, the first number C-25 indicates that is mainly a west-eastbound highway, and the second number C-25 indicates that is the fifth southernmost. The road begins at the intersection with Autovía A-2, near Cervera (comarca of Segarra), and finishes at Cassà de la Selva (comarca of Gironès), with a total length of 141 km.

The last section of the C-25 to be constructed was finished on December 1997. The main aims of the construction of this highway were:

Despite these aims, the highway was built as a single-lane road and not as a freeway, and soon it was proved to become insufficient for the traffic supported.[3]

On 2007 the Generalitat de Catalunya approved the upgrading of the highway to a freeway, which started on 2008 and is expected to be completed on 2011.[4]

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