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Ejen Ali (literally translated as Agent Ali), is a Malaysian animated series produced by WAU Animation, focusing on a titular boy which accidentally became a MATA agent after using Infinity Retinal Intelligent System (I.R.I.S), a device prototype created by Meta Advance Tactical Agency (M.A.T.A). I.R.I.S is controlled by neuro-signals enabling the wearer to perform actions programmed by the computer. After the incident, Ali and his uncle, Bakar cooperate in M.A.T.A missions.

The series is published in HDTV format and was first broadcast on TV3, on 8 April 2016. Ejen Ali is the first animation series as the intellect property of Media Prima Berhad (MPB).[1]

The series is set in the fictional town of Cyberaya, largely based on the actual town of Cyberjaya, located approximately halfway between Kuala Lumpur and KLIA. In the series Cyberaya was shown to be a technologically-advanced city, much as the real-life Cyberjaya had envisioned.

In episode MISI: MAIN Cyberaya was shown to have a rapid transit system.

The series revolves around M.A.T.A. (Meta-Advance Tactical Agency), a paramilitary Pinkerton-style spy agency, made up of four company-sized units known as pillars.

The idea of creating the animated series came for Usamah Zaid Yasin, the director and scriptwriter, after establishing WAU Animation in 2013. For the storyline, he and his team watched films, animated series and read novels about spy and intelligence. The making of Ejen Ali took two years before the production works started in July 2015. About the name chosen in the series, Usamah said that Ali is a simple name and frequently used in textbooks. They were confused about choosing a simple name and finally, Ali was chosen.[2]

At first, Wau Animation planned to make Ejen Ali as a feature-film project, but because of difficulties securing investment and after discussing with many parties and some feedbacks, they felt that it is a loss if they only produce a single movie as the concept is so wide. They planned to develop this series at least until 5 seasons, then the films will follow.[3]

However, they released their first movie after 2 seasons, which was released on 28 November 2019.

These characters are the agents of M.A.T.A (Meta Advance Tactical Agency), a secret spy organization that possess advanced technologies and is responsible for keeping the peace of Cyberaya. They play major roles in season 1, but some of them only appear in several episodes of season 2.

Numeros is a group of main antagonists in Ejen Ali; their mission is to retrieve I.R.I.S and seek vengeance against M.A.T.A. Their name literally means numbers in Spanish; the members' code names are simply Spanish numerals. So far, there are only nine Numeros members, with four of them had their real name revealed. One of them, Cuatro (4) does not want to work with Numeros anymore, although he was forced to do so.

Aside from airing on TV3 in Malaysia, Ejen Ali can also streaming available on Iflix (Season 1 only) and Netflix (all 2 seasons) in an English dub.[4]

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