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Erumely, also spelt "Erumeli" is a panchayat in the southeast part of Kottayam district in Kerala state, India. Erumely is situated 49 km east of Kottayam town and 133 km North of capital city Trivandrum. It is situated on the way to Sabarimala and also an important halting place (idathavalam) for the Sabarimala pilgrims. Erumely is famed for its religious harmony and prosperity between Hindus and Muslims which existed from the early periods. It is a place which have strong roots in legends and myths associated with lord Ayyappa. A new airport has been proposed in Erumeli. The village is nourished by Manimala River.

Erumely is the name extracted from Erumakolli ("killed the buffalo"). A myth tells that Lord Ayyappa killed "Mahishi" in this place on the way to collect a tiger's milk. Mahish means buffalo and "Eruma" in Malayalam and hence the name extract "erumakolli".

Erumely is on the Kanjirappally - Pathanamthitta Route. A small river, Koratty (originally known as Manimala River), marks the entrance of Erumely town, which is exactly 14 km from Mundakayam, the gate of Highrange area. World Malayalee association has chosen Erumely as one of the three places in kottayam and pathanamthitta to set up the fifth airport in kerala and proposal is pending for approval. Perunthenaruvi Falls, the scenic waterfall near Vechoochira is located about 13 km (8.1 mi) from Erumely. Cheruvally estate also provides a great experience.

As of 2011[update] India census, Erumely had a population of 43,437 in which 21199 are males and 22230 are females. Average sex ratio is 1049, which is lower than the state average of 1084. The literacy rate of males is 97.53% and 95.71% for females.[1]

The panchayath of Erumely was formed on 15 August 1953. It spreads over an area of 82.36 km² with 40% of forest coverage. It is surrounded by Parathodu, Kanjirappally and Mundakkayam panchayaths in north, Chittar panchayath in east and south, Manimala, Chirakkadavu panchayaths in west.[2] The panchayath is divided into 23 wards for its administrative convenience.

The majority of the people are farmers (the town is surrounded by rubber tree plantations) or are in business. Before it was a small town, now its undergoing developments, because of the temple, Masjid and its integrated, non-discriminatory society.

Erumley has its own culture and it is different from all other places with simplicity and unity of Syrian Christian, Hindu, and Muslim communities. The agrarian regions surrounding the town have a large presence of Catholic - Syrian Christians, who are mainly into rubber cultivation. Hindus and Muslims are found mostly in the town area.

All Hindus who are undertaking Sabarimala pilgrimage visit this place. There are two temples in this town of Lord Ayyappa and the famous "Petta Thullal" (ritual dance) is done in November, December and January months. Erumely Nainar Masjid is situated opposite to Erumely Cheriya Ambalam. Ayyaapan devotees visits Vavar Swamy at Nainar Masjid before visiting Ayyappa Swami. Vavar is considered as the companion of Ayyappa. Devotees believe that Vavar swami is at the masjid. Devotes goes to Cheriya Ambalam from the masjid. Then they will go to the Valiya Ambalam to seek the blessings of Ayyappa. The visit to Vavar Swamy and Valiyambalam is done in the form a dance known as Pettathulal. This is done by coloring self, holding wooden bows and arrows. The myth is that during the killing of Mahishi, the local tribals had helped Ayyapa Swamy and after the killing, they danced in joy. Pettathulal represents the joy amongst the people. At the end of the Ayyappa season there is festival called Pettathullal where people from Ambalapuzha and Aalangattu will perform this. Ambalapuzha goes first and they will move to the Valiyambalam as usual. The Aalangattu will start this after the 'Krishnaparunth' and star is seen.

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