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FFV1, (short for FF Video 1[1]), is a lossless intra-frame video coding format. It can use either variable-length coding or arithmetic coding for entropy coding. The encoder and decoder are part of the free, open-source library libavcodec in the project FFmpeg since June 2003.[2] FFV1 is also included in ffdshow and LAV Filters,[3] which makes the video codec available to Microsoft Windows applications that support system-wide codecs over Video for Windows (VfW) or DirectShow. FFV1 is particularly popular for its performance regarding speed and size, compared to other lossless preservation codecs, such as M-JPEG2000.[4][5][6] The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) lists FFV1 under the codec-family index "31" in their combined list of video codec references.[7]

For long-term preservation of digital video sustainable container formats as well as audio/video codecs are necessary. There is no consensus to date among the archival community as to which file format or codecs should be used for preservation purposes for digital video.[8] The previously proclaimed encodings were Motion JPEG 2000 (lossless)[9] and uncompressed video.[10]

FFV1 proved to be a viable archival encoding and the U.S. Library of Congress began regarding it as a suitable option for preservation encoding in 2014.[4][11] With compression ratios comparable to lossless JPEG 2000 and lower computing requirements, it is being used by archives, particularly where the collections do not feature extensive broadcast materials and instead consist of oral history and the like.[12][13]

As of 2018, standardisation of FFV1 through the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is a work in progress as part of the European PREFORMA Project,[14] as well as implementation of a conformance checker for FFV1 in the Matroska container.[15] Details of FFV1's standardization plan[16] have been prepared by MediaArea (authors of MediaInfo) as part of their conformance checking tool "Media CONCH".[17]

It is also listed as a format option for long-term preservation of moving images on sites of the U.S. Library of Congress',[11][18] State Records NSW[8] and others. The Society of American Archivists has published a paper in August 2014, suggesting only FFV1 as preservation codec for video.[19]

The Digital Preservation project at the U.S. Library of Congress identified AVI and Matroska as common container formats for FFV1.[20][21]

The "Österreichische Mediathek" has also developed DVA-Profession[37] a Free Software solution for archive-suitable mass video digitization, mainly using FFV1 as video encoding throughout the whole workflow, without transcoding. Additionally, they have initiated the development of "FFV1.3" (=version 3 of FFV1) together with Michael Niedermayer (FFmpeg), Peter Bubestinger and Dave Rice.

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