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GDevelop is a 2D cross-platform, free and open-source game engine, which mainly focuses on creating PC and Mobile games, as well as HTML5 games playable in the browser.[3][4][5] Created by Florian Rival, who is a software engineer at Google,[6][7][8] GDevelop is mainly aimed at non-programmers and game developers of all skillsets, employing event based visual programming similar to such engines as Construct, Stencyl, and Tynker.[9][10]

Due to its ease of use and being distributed under an open-source license, GDevelop has found use in games education, ranging from primary school to university courses.[5][11][12] It has also been used by educators and researchers to create learning and serious games.[13][14]

GDevelop has participated in Google's "Season of Docs"[15] both in 2019 and 2020 and Summer of Code in 2020.

One of GDevelop's primary goals is to allow creators to make full video games without using any programming languages. This is primarily done through three methods:

GDevelop's primary focus is to allow all users to create games without code or a programming language. This is accomplished via the Event system,[16] which creates logic by monitoring for Conditions on when to trigger, and actions to take once the event conditions are met. The majority of events are presented in normalized language, so creators can avoid having to understand coding concepts found in many programming languages.

Behaviors allow for advanced combinations of pre-built functions and events to add logic like physics-based movement, pathfinding, acting as a platform or platform character game, allowing to move the object with the mouse or touch, transitions, etc.[17] Behaviors can be added to game objects, and the same object can have several behaviors. Behaviors can also be created using the Event system - allowing users to extend the existing set of behaviors without coding.

All game content, such as character art, backgrounds, text, etc, can be added directly through a point and click interface in the editor. Some example content types are Sprites, Tiled Sprites, 9-Patch (Panel) Sprites, Text Objects, Text Objects with BBText support, Shape Painters, and more. Music and Sounds can be imported directly into the events that utilize them.

GDevelop has two separate clients, Web and Local. The web client allowing for game development directly through the browser and saving to a cloud storage solution. Both versions share the majority of their feature-set. A non-exhaustive feature-set available to both clients include:

User-made extensions can be created to allow for custom events, behaviors, or functions. Existing events can be turned into extensions from within a project's event sheet. These extensions can be shared within the IDE to the entire community and can be added within a few clicks.[18] Extensions can also implement new engine capabilities such as Kongregate API integrations or full masking support. Extensions can do a lot of things to help your game be better. Some things extensions can do are add gamepad support and cheats like the Konami code.

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