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GG Bond (simplified Chinese: 猪猪侠; traditional Chinese: 豬豬俠) is a 3D Chinese animated TV series created by Zhibin Gu a.k.a. Ben Gu, a member of the China Animation Association, and CEO of Guang Dong Winsing Company Limited. A film series based on the TV series has currently four films: GG Bond Hatching (2012),[1] GG Bond 2 (2014), GG Bond Movie: Ultimate Battle (2015) and GG Bond: Guarding (2017).[2]

The series is about the titular character, an intelligent and mischievous pig named GG Bond (猪猪侠, meaning "Pig Hero" in Chinese) born with superpowers.[3] He is an orphan under the care and custody of Dr. Mihoo, his teacher who enjoys inventing different gadgets. The series began in 2005 and has aired for 14 seasons in 3D computer-generated animation.[3] The production company has distributed one season of episodes yearly since 2005. Although the stories in different seasons are not directly related, they are all about the main character, GG Bond.

A majority of GG Bond episodes are comedies with moral lessons regarding values such as courage, friendship, harmony, integrity, perseverance, and respect for elders. Several noteworthy environmental issues are also often discussed, including homeless animals, environmental damage, deforestation, and pollution.

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