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Goovigen is a rural town and locality in the Shire of Banana, Queensland, Australia.[2][3] In the 2016 census the locality of Goovigen had a population of 215 people.[1]

A second town, Rannes (24°05′55″S 150°07′12″E / 24.0986°S 150.12°E / -24.0986; 150.12 (Rannes (town centre))), is also within the locality of Goovigen, near its western boundary.[4]

Koorngoo is a neighbourhood (24°10′00″S 150°19′00″E / 24.1666°S 150.3166°E / -24.1666; 150.3166 (Koorngoo)) within the locality, just west of centre, based around a former railway station.[5]

The town is towards the south-east of the locality,[6] approximately 660 kilometres (410 mi) north west of the state capital, Brisbane.

The Burnett Highway enters the locality from the north (Dixalea) and exits to the east (Jambin) without coming close to either of the two towns.[6] The Leichhardt Highway enters the locality from the south-west (Kokotunga / Woolein) and then. forms the south-west boundary of the locality and passes immediately west of the town of Rannes before exiting to the west (Dumpy Creek).[6]

The now-closed Callide Valley railway line ran through the locality which was served by a number of now-abandoned railway stations:

Goovigen was originally established as a supply depot for the railways and was named by the Queensland Railways Department on 27 April 1920. Goovigen is a local Aboriginal word for box tree, a species of Eucalyptus.

Koorngoo was originally a railway station name and is an Aboriginal word meaning food or feed bag.[5]

Rannes State School opened on 14 March 1916. It closed on 23 February 1960 but reopened on 30 January 1962. It closed permanently on 18 March 1966.[8]

Woolein State School opened on 27 February 1918 and closed on 17 August 1924.[8]

Goovigen State School opened on 15 March 1926.[8][9]

Goovigen Post Office opened on 1 July 1927 (a receiving office had been open from 1925).[10]

The Goovigen School of Arts opened on 1 June 1929.[11] It is no longer in use but the building still stands at 9 Goovigen Rannes Road (24°08′38″S 150°17′12″E / 24.1439°S 150.2866°E / -24.1439; 150.2866 (Goovigen Historic School of Arts Hall)).[12]

The Goovigen branch of the Queensland Country Women's Association was established on Saturday 10 September 1932 with nine local women signing up with President Mrs L Nielson (President), Vice-President Mrs T McNae (Vice-President) and Secretary-Treasurer Miss Margery Adams.[13] The Goovigen QCWA Younger Set was established in July 1934.[14] In 1956 the branch purchased the building at 5 Stanley Street (24°08′46″S 150°17′11″E / 24.1462°S 150.2864°E / -24.1462; 150.2864 (Goovigen Country Women's Association rooms)) for its rooms which, after refurbishment were officially opened on 26 January 1957 by Rockhampton City Mayor Rex Pilbeam. Over the years there were some closures of the branch: from 1941 to June 1949 due to World War II and then from 1960 to September 1974. The branch closed in April 2017.[15][16]

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