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HCL Notes (formerly IBM Notes and Lotus Notes;[1][2] see Branding below) and HCL Domino (formerly IBM Domino and Lotus Domino) are the client and server, respectively, of a collaborative client-server software platform formerly sold by IBM, now by HCL Technologies.[3]

HCL Notes provides business collaboration functions, such as email, calendars, to-do lists, contact management, discussion forums, file sharing, microblogging, instant messaging, blogs, and user directories. It can also be used with other HCL Domino applications and databases. IBM Notes 9 Social Edition removed integration with the office software package IBM Lotus Symphony, which had been integrated with the Lotus Notes client in versions 8.x.

Lotus Development Corporation originally developed "Lotus Notes" in 1989. IBM bought Lotus in 1995 and it became known as the Lotus Development division of IBM. As late as 2015, it formed part of the IBM Software and Systems Group under the name "IBM Collaboration Solutions".

HCL acquired the products in July 2019.[4]

HCL Notes is a desktop workflow application, commonly used in corporate environments for email and to create discussion groups, websites, document libraries, custom applications and business workflows.

On December 6, 2018, IBM announced that it was selling a number of software products to HCL Technologies for $1.8bn,[5] including IBM Notes, Domino, Commerce, Portal, Connections, BigFix, Unica and AppScan. Their location within HCL Technologies' umbrella is named HCL Software.[6] This acquisition was completed in July 2019.[4]

HCL Domino is a client-server cross-platform application runtime environment.

HCL Domino provides email, calendars, instant messaging (with additional HCL software voice- and video-conferencing and web-collaboration), discussions/forums, blogs, and an inbuilt personnel/user directory. In addition to these standard applications, an organization may use the Domino Designer development environment and other tools to develop additional integrated applications such as request approval / workflow and document management.

The HCL Domino product consists of several components:

HCL Domino competes with products from other companies such as Microsoft, Google, Zimbra and others. Because of the application development abilities, HCL Domino is often compared to products like Microsoft Sharepoint.[7][8] The database in HCL Domino can be replicated between servers and between server and client, thereby allowing clients offline capabilities.

HCL Domino, a business application as well as a messaging server, is compatible with both HCL Notes and web-browsers. HCL Notes (and since IBM Domino 9, the HCAA) may be used to access any HCL Domino application, such as discussion forums, document libraries, and numerous other applications. HCL Notes resembles a web-browser in that it may run any compatible application that the user has permission for.

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