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Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (abbreviated HHLA), known until 2005 as Hamburger Hafen- und Lagerhaus-Aktiengesellschaft, and prior to that as Hamburger Freihafen-Lagerhaus Gesellschaft (HFLG) since 1885,[5] is a German logistics and transportation company specialising in port throughput and container and transport logistics.

HHLA's core business is divided into four segments:[6]

As of 31 December 2019, the company employed 6,296 people worldwide, and generated revenue of €1.38 billion.[4]

Shares in the Port Logistics subgroup ("Class A shares") have been listed since November 2007.[7] Class A shares in HHLA were included in the MDAX from 2008 to 2013[8] before becoming part of the SDAX in June 2013.[9] The Real Estate subgroup covers the company's properties that are not specific to port handling, with its shares listed as "Class S". These cannot be freely traded and are entirely owned by the City of Hamburg.[10] HHLA's administrative headquarters is known as the Speicherstadtrathaus.[11]

HHLA operates three of the four container terminals in the Port of Hamburg:[12]

Approximately 7.6 million TEU were handled here in 2019 (2018: 7.3 million TEU).[4]

HHLA Container Terminal Altenwerder CTA is almost completely automated.[16] The shipping company Hapag-Lloyd owns a share of 25.1% in the terminal.[17] Container Terminal Burchardkai is the largest[18] and oldest surviving[19] container handling facility at the Port of Hamburg.

HHLA also owns a container terminal at the Port of Odessa.[20] In June 2018, HHLA acquired the largest Estonian terminal operator Transiidikeskuse AS (headquartered in Muuga). At the time, the container terminal had a handling capacity of approximately 300,000 TEU.[21] HHLA's Container segment also includes a number of services related to container handling offered by its subsidiaries.

This segment covers container transport by rail and road.[22] The sector includes the transport company Metrans and road transport company Container-Transport-Dienst (CTD). Metrans operates container trains from its own terminals in the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and neighbouring countries;[23] CTD covers the area surrounding the Hamburg Metropolitan Region by road.[24] In 2012, HHLA sold its 50% share in TFG Transfracht to Deutsche Bahn,[25] and in 2018, Polzug Intermodal merged with Metrans.[26] In 2019, the intermodal companies transported a total of 1.6 million standard containers by rail and road.[4]

This segment incorporates warehouse logistics and special handling, consulting, and various Start-ups.[27] It includes a number of equity holdings and subsidiaries, including the consulting firm HPC Hamburg Port Consulting. The fruit terminal at O'Swaldkai is also part of this segment.[28] At the same port is a RoRo terminal handling rolling cargo (RoRo).[29] Together with Salzgitter AG, HHLA also operates the Hansaport, Germany's largest terminal for bulk cargo.[30]

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