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HJ-10 (or "Red Arrow 10") is a Chinese ground-launched anti-tank missile developed by Norinco. It has a tandem high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) warhead, that may penetrate 1,400 mm (55 in) of conventional steel armour protected by explosive reactive armour. The maximum range is 10 km (6.2 mi), with pre- or post-launch lock-on.[1] Air-launched variants for helicopters and drones have also been developed.[2][3]

AFT-10, equipped on the ZBD-04A Anti-tank platform, is the ATGM version of the HJ-10 platform and it is the first one to be developed. Eight missiles and a retractable sensor mast is mounted on the ZBD-04, with sensors including a thermal camera, TV camera and a laser range finder.[4] A millimeter-wave radar system is mounted at the front-right corner of the vehicle to improve all-weather operation capability.[5]

The AFT-10 (Chinese: 反坦克导弹-10; pinyin: Fǎn tǎnkè dǎodàn-10; lit. 'Anti-tank missile-10') is the surface-to-surface variant in the HJ-10 family, receiving designation of AFT-10. AFT-10 is a fiber-optic wire-guided missile that equipped with ZBD-04 Anti-tank platform. AFT-10 was first revealed in its deployment in Peace Mission 2014 joint military exercise.[4]

The AKD-10 is an air-to-surface variant. It weighs 50 kg (110 lb) and is laser guided.[2]

The LJ-7 (or "Blue Arrow-7") is an air-to-surface[10] export version of the AKD-10. The tandem HEAT warhead can penetrate 1,400 mm (55 in). It has semi-active laser guidance, and an effective range of 2 kilometres (1.2 miles) to 8 km (5.0 mi). The launch weight is 47 kg (104 lb).[3]

Supposedly launched by Wing Loong II drones by UAE in a strike in Libya.[11]

The LJ-21 (or "Blue Arrow-21") is an air-to-surface variant, reportedly an improved export version of the AKD-10. An LJ-21 with slightly different tail configuration was fired by PLAGF Z-10 helicopters, indicating that it has entered service. The missile is reported to have a range of 18 km, payload of 9 kg and guided by dual mode MMW radar and semi-active laser seeker. This would indicate it has fire-and-forget capabilities and the ability to operate in poor weather conditions, similar to the US AGM-114 Hellfire missile.[12][13]

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