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Horde Zla (English: Hordes of Evil) is the organized Ultras group that supports Bosnian football club FK Sarajevo.[1] The group's logo consists of a stylized depiction of the Grim Reaper, borrowed from a Zagor comic book at the time of the group's inception. Horde zla is one of two major football fan groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Apart from FK Sarajevo, the group also supports KK Bosna Royal and RK Bosna Sarajevo. The group's organizational structure is fairly decentralized with many subgroups present at the stadium's north stand – the gathering point of the club's most loyal and passionate fans. Some of the most well known subgroups are Outlaws, Maroon Brothers, Vutrasi, Fina Gradska Raja and Downtown.

From the moment FK Sarajevo was established on 24 October 1946 it quickly grew a following in the city of Sarajevo. The fact that nearly all pre-war Sarajevan clubs were banned by the new communist authorities left a large vacuum in a city that was traditionally a footballing centre in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The majority of fans stemmed from the numerous downtown Sarajevan Baščaršija, Stari grad and Centar neighbourhoods predominantly inhabited by Bosniaks. This is not to say that other ethnicities did not support the club. They did in huge numbers, but the history of organized support for the club is nevertheless closely tied to the aforementioned neighbourhoods. The only major Sarajevan football club not banned by the post-war authorities was FK Željezničar, based in the Grbavica neighbourhood of the city, which would go on to become the maroon-white's biggest rival. FK Sarajevo supporters were historically known as Pitari while an individual was, and is still known as a Pitar. The nickname, meaning a consumer of the local Bosnian dish pita, was originally a derogatory label given by fans of working class Željezničar that implied the upper-class background of most FK Sarajevo supporters.[1] This notion was based on the fact that the old downtown neighbourhoods of the city were the traditional centres of commerce and artisanship, even though the socioeconomic landscape of the city had dramatically changed by the time the club was formed. FK Sarajevo being formed by the post-war communist authorities also meant that the club garnered support from the political and party establishment of the SR Bosnia and Herzegovina which created a specific symbiosis between the progressive state establishment and the traditional, conservative Sarayevan Mahala.

The first contours of organized support for the club were drawn out in the late 1950s when the eastern stand of the Koševo stadium drew in the most ardent of supporters. As Sarajevo folklore stipulates, no footballer was ever fully accepted by the eastern stand which was for decades known as a polygon for the city's particular sense of humour and as the main proving ground for every player wearing the maroon and white jersey. The legendary east stand was generally a meeting point for residents of the Sarajevan mahalas that would picnic with their friends, relatives and neighbours while watching matches, only fully supporting players that stemmed from the city's downtown neighbourhoods – a particular form of local patriotism that has, in a way, survived until today. By the mid 1980s, the eastern stand's rowdiness during matches of the time provoked large media coverage. During a league tie against Red Star Belgrade on 17 April 1986 it was reported that a maroon painted snake, reported by some as being a specimen of the venomous horned viper, was thrown off the eastern stand onto the visitors bench. This was never verified by the police or club, while other rumours in circulation stated that the incident against Red Star was caused by someone from the crowd hitting the referee with a large stone. Again, this rumour was never verified either and has in subsequent years become an urban legend, as is the case with the snake rumour. Nevertheless, alarmed by constant incidents and media coverage, the club management headed by then Director Svetozar Vujović opened the north stand of the Koševo stadium to the most fanatical of fans.[2]

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