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The iHeartRadio MMVAs were an annual awards show broadcast on Much to honour the year's best music videos[1] that was last held in 2018.

Originally debuting in 1990 as the Canadian Music Video Awards,[2] the awards were renamed in 1995 to the MuchMusic Video Awards.[3] In 2016, the show was rebranded under the iHeartRadio banner after Much's parent company, Bell Media, reached a licensing agreement with iHeartMedia.[4] In 2018, the show's full name was officially dropped.[5]

In 2019, the ceremony was not held; it had been announced that the event was postponed due to scheduling conflicts with other events occurring in Toronto, but no rescheduled date was announced. Bell Media did not announce any plan for a 2020 edition (By then, Much itself had completely removed music-related programming from its schedule).

The first Canadian Music Video Awards took place in 1990 on a three-week trip aboard a Canadian National Railway train across Canada. It was sponsored by Diet Pepsi and the train was dubbed "The Pepsi Train".[6] Awards were handed out during its journey,[7] which included 10 Canadian cities.[8]

In their modern form, the MMVAs are held as a large street party around 299 Queen Street West—the main downtown Toronto studios of Much and other properties owned by its parent company Bell Media. Much VJs introduce and interview presenters and winners throughout the show. Winners of a Much Music Video Award receive a statue made by New York firm, Society Awards. Viewers can vote for the Fan Fave category which includes Video, Artist or Group, and International Artist or Group.

In 2001, a show was not held due to the September 11 attacks occurring two weeks prior.[9] However, awards were still handed out.[8] All MMVA shows were subsequently held in June until 2017.

In 2016, Bell Media signed an exclusive pact with iHeartMedia[10] and began co-branding the awards with iHeartRadio to "further elevate the MMVAs internationally."[4]

In 2018, the show moved to August[11] and its full name "Much Music Video Awards" was dropped.[5] According to CTV Toronto, Bell Media "hopes the shift will help establish a new back-to-school event."[12]

The iHeartRadio MMVAs were not held in 2019 & 2020. Bell Media president Randy Lennox told The Canadian Press that the awards were "delayed" due to "a massive concert in August and also the MTV awards were one day after our date, so we didn't think it was smart."[13]

Artist with the most awards: Justin Bieber (12), Our Lady Peace (10), and Billy Talent (10)

Artist with the most awards won for the same category: Justin Bieber for Your Fave: Artist or Group

Artists with the most nominations in one night: Matthew Good Band in 2000 (11)[46]

Artists with the most awards in one night:

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