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ITV Studios is a British multinational television production and distribution company owned by the British television broadcaster ITV plc. It handles production and distribution of programmes broadcast on the ITV network and third-party broadcasters, and is based in 12 countries across 60 production labels, with local production offices in the UK, US, Belgium, Australia, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Israel, France, and Scandinavia.

ITV Studios Limited's history can be traced back to Granada Productions, which was founded in 1954 as Granada Television's in-house production arm, and Central Television Enterprises, Central Independent Television's international sales operations founded in 1987. Granada Productions and Carlton International (re-branded name for CTE) were merged in 2009 to form ITV Studios; however, some of ITV Studios' subsidiaries, such as ITV Studios Australia, still carried the Granada name until 2014.

ITV Studios not only makes programmes primarily for its parent company ITV plc, but also for other networks such as the BBC and Channel 4. It was formed from a gradual amalgamation of the production divisions of all ITV plc owned 'channel three' licensees which occurred from 1994 to 2004, and for a number of years thereafter following the creation of ITV plc.

The division is also responsible for ITV's production facilities The London Studios, 3SixtyMedia (based at ITV Granada, and co-owned with BBC Studios and Post Production), and location hire company ProVision (based at ITV Yorkshire, with sales offices at ITV Granada and The London Studios). ITV Studios Global Entertainment (formerly Granada International and Granada Ventures) is responsible for sales of finished programmes, formats and commercial licensing deals.

Programmes on non-ITV channels (except S4C, which has always used the name ITV Cymru) retained the Granada brand (examples are Channel 4's Countdown, and The Royle Family for the BBC) until 2009. Many of the programmes shown on ITV network show the end-board featuring the ITV Studios logo after the credits as of 2009.

In May 2017, ITV plc acquired production company World Productions. As a result of the takeover, the company is now a part of ITV Studios, with ITV Studios Global Entertainment handling international distribution of future series.[4][5] That same year, ITV Studios also acquired Swedish game show and entertainment programming producer Elk Production,[6] a stake in Danish drama producer Apple Tree Productions, founded by former DR Drama Deputy Head Lars Hermann and Piv Bernth (producer of the hit series The Killing) who had both left public broadcaster DR (which was the home for The Killing),[7] and another stake in Italian film and television producer Cattleya, well known for producing the 2015 crime film Suburra and the 2017 RAI/Netflix television series co-production that serves as a prequel to it.[8] Cattleya is also a partner in Vision Distribution, an Italian film distribution company founded in 2016 with Sky Italia, Wildside (owned by ITV Studios' rival Fremantle), Lucisano Media Group, Palomar and Indiana Production.[9]

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