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The IWI Galil ACE is a series of assault rifles and battle rifles developed and manufactured by Israel Military Industries (renamed to Israel Weapon Industries in 2005). It is also produced under license by Indumil,[1] FAMAE,[2] RPC Fort[3] and Z111 Factory.[4] It is mainly produced in three different calibres: 5.56×45mm NATO, 7.62×39mm and 7.62×51mm NATO. IWI USA produced limited edition variants of the ACE in 5.45×39mm in 2020.

The Galil ACE series is based upon the mechanism of the IMI Galil, but uses a modernised design to increase its accuracy and lower its weight, while maintaining the Galil's ergonomics, ease of maintenance and reliability under battle conditions.[5] Emphasis was placed in particular in increasing its reliability and accuracy under adverse battlefield conditions. It has been adopted as a service rifle by the Chilean Army and People's Army of Vietnam.

The original Galil was built with a machined solid steel billet action in order to increase the structural integrity and survivability of the weapon. Unfortunately this resulted in a weight of up to 9.6 lb (4.4 kg), depending on its variant, which was one of the primary criticisms from the Israel Defense Forces.

The ACE has a significantly reduced weight. IWI redesigned the action to integrate the steel with polymer, which is much lighter than the fully steel receiver of the original Galil.[5] While the upper receiver is machined steel and the receiver top features a MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail, polymer has been introduced to the lower receiver of the weapon to reduce the gun's weight.[6]

According to American Rifleman: "Although this rifle is clearly based on the AK design, it demonstrated a superior level of accuracy potential compared to several of its cousins. The best single group of [5 rounds at 100 yards] of 0.83″ and five-group average of 0.98″ was produced using the Federal Premium 123-gr. [8.0 g] Power-Shok soft-point load" (testing done using 7.62×39mm 16-inch barrelled variant).[7]

The gas tube, unlike the AK-47 system, is mounted on the rifle via a dovetailed slide machined on the receiver upper-front block. This avoids any movement of the gas block influencing barrel vibration, which would degrade accuracy.[5]

The rifle uses the Galil's long-stroke piston system. The long-stroke system is found in the M1 Garand, AK-47 (upon which the Galil's internal mechanism design borrowed heavily) and more recently in the IWI Tavor.

The barrel is chrome-lined, cold hammer-forged, with a 1:7″ twist for 5.56×45mm NATO, 1:9.5″ for 7.62×39mm and 1:12″ for 7.62×51mm NATO.

The ACE adopts the Galil Sniper trigger instead of the original Galil trigger, in order to improve accuracy compared to the standard Galil.[8] This is a two-stage trigger,[6] which IWI have modelled on the two-stage trigger of the M1 Garand.[9]

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