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The Ibn Battuta Mall is a large shopping mall[1] on the Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, UAE, close to Interchange 6 for Jebel Ali Village.

Having around 275 shops, 50 restaurants, a 21-screen cinema and over 4,500 parking spaces on a total of 521,000 m2 (5,610,000 sq ft), Ibn Battuta is the world's largest themed shopping mall.[2] On 26 May 2013, Nakheel announced the tender for Ibn Battuta Mall expansion – a new, 28,000 m2 (300,000 sq ft) retail hub for another 150 shops.[3] The mall consists of six courts, each of whose designs are inspired by some of the countries visited by the Moroccan Berber explorer, Ibn Battuta: Andalusia Court, China Court, Egypt Court, India Court, Persia Court, and Tunisia Court.[2] The India Court features a working reproduction of an elephant clock.

The eponymous Ibn Battuta metro station on the Dubai Metro provides access from central Dubai.

The Egypt Court at the Ibn Battuta Mall, on opening day

Debenhams store, located in the Persia Court

China Court with a replica of a smaller junk in Zheng He's fleet

India Court with a working reproduction of the elephant clock

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