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Ieperfest is a hardcore punk festival held annually in Ypres (Dutch: Ieper), Belgium since 1993. It is traditionally held in the last weekend of August, drawing audiences from across Europe, and also features death metal, metalcore, grindcore, and sludge metal bands. It provided the original inspiration for the formation of Fluff Fest when its founders first visited Ieperfest around 1996/1997.[1]

Ieperfest 2005 was held on 26–28 August in Ypres. The line-up was:

Friday 26 August: Misery Index, Born from Pain, Liar, Children Of Fall, The Setup, Leng Tch'e, Requiem, Verse, Confronto, Another Breath, The Spectacle, The Death of Anna Karina, Values Intact, The Maple Room, Maudlin

Saturday 27 August: Darkest Hour, Do or Die, Starkweather, Deadsoil, Rejuvenate, Reflux, Beecher, Amenra, The Je Ne Sais Quoi, Minus45Degrees, Amanda Woodward, Ikaros, Trust, Core of Anger

Sunday 28 August: Das Oath, Hoods, Aborted, Seein' Red, Chimaera, Knuckledust, Panthers, Die My Demon, Mental, Fucked Up, The Rites, Justice, For The Glory, Awoken, Officer Jones And His Patrol Car Problems

Ieperfest 2006 was held on 25–27 August in Ypres. The line-up was:

Friday 25 August: Caliban, Amenra, Switchblade, Congress, Angel Crew, Paint It Black, Textures, Neaera, The Chariot, Restless Youth, Taint, New Mexican Disaster Squad, Psalm, Strike First, True Colors, Rafflesia

Saturday 26 August: Sworn Enemy, JR Ewing, Liar, MDC, 100 Demons, The Ocean, Settle the Score, PN, Black Friday 29, Sunpower, Officer Jones And His Patrol Car Problems, Blood Redemption, The Sedan Vault, The Boss, Rhumble in Rhodos

Sunday 27 August: Maroon, Shai Hulud, Rise and Fall, Remembering Never, Skinless, Parkway Drive, Six Ft. Ditch, Strength Approach, Reproach, Clobberin Time, Minus45Degrees, First Alliance, Ashema, Die!

Ieperfest 2007 was held 24–26 August in Ypres (Ieper). The line-up was:

Friday 24 August: Madball, Fear My Thoughts, Rise & Fall, No Turning Back, Six Ft. Ditch, The Setup, Deadsoil, As We Fight, Set Your Goals, True Colors, World Collapse, No Trigger, Eye of Judgement, Bush, No Recess, Losing Streak

Saturday 25 August: The Black Dahlia Murder, Murphy's Law, Aborted, Knuckledust, Cold As Life, Justice, Blacklisted, The Ocean, Victims, Fall of Serenity, Blood Redemption, Nothing Done, Rafflesia, H8INC, Human Demiste, Losing Streak

Sunday 26 August: Bane, Born From Pain, Dying Fetus, Deadlock, Cataract, Have Heart, The Maple Room, Ceremony, Shredder, Kaospilot, To Kill, Red Dons, The Revisions, Fatal Recoil

The first winter version of Ieperfest was held on 9 February 2008 in Ypres. The line-up was:

Your Demise, Rhythm to the Madness, Trenchfoot, Blessed by a Broken Heart, Psalm, For The Glory, Toxic Holocaust, Blood Stands Still, Furious Styles, The Setup, Shattered Realm, Municipal Waste

Ieperfest 2008 was held 22–24 August in Ypres. The line-up was:

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