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"JCB" (or "JCB Song") is a song by English folk music duo Nizlopi, written by members Luke Concannon and John Parker. Concannon wrote the lyric at his parents' house, drawing inspiration from his father, Kieron Concannon, and later composed the song with Parker. The theme of the song's lyric stems from a moment in Concannon's childhood when his father picked him up from school in a JCB digger (or backhoe loader) and his reflections on how his peers bullied him for having dyslexia. The song tells the story of a similar boy who is fascinated with both his father and the vehicle on which they ride. He imagines his father as a hero, comparing him to several famous figures such as Bruce Lee and B. A. Baracus, and pretends to torment bullying on the playground as a Tyrannosaurus rex. Nizlopi recorded the song at FDM Records' studio and included it on their debut album, Half These Songs Are About You, released in 2004.

Following several praised performances of the song, Nizlopi decided to release "JCB" as the album's second single through FDM Records in June 2005, but it did not make a major commercial impact. Over the next few months, the song began to circulate around the internet, attaining a cult following. Soon after its release, animation company MonkeeHub created and commissioned a music video later the same year, which further propelled the track into the public eye. Near the end of 2005, "JCB" became a contender for the 2005 UK Christmas number-one single and was re-released on 12 December 2005 to coincide with this event. This release received mostly positive reviews from contemporary music critics and peaked at number one on the UK Singles Chart, losing the position on Christmas Day to "That's My Goal" by X Factor series two winner Shayne Ward. The song remains Nizlopi's most successful.

In an interview with Songwriting magazine, Luke Concannon explained that he and bandmate John Parker practiced writing songs separately. He first began to write the songs for Nizlopi's first studio album, Half These Songs Are About You in 2001, with "JCB" conceived in 2002. Twenty-one years old at the time, Concannon was living with his parents and could write music without interruption. He created the riff for the song based around its chord, which Concannon believed was Dmaj9. He decided against writing a song about romance, his typical style, and soon experienced a block, so he asked his father, Kieron, about what to write. Having used to work as a digger driver, Concannon's father suggested, "diggers," and following this recommendation, Concannon finished the initial song within the hour. A fan of UK garage music, he then decided to add a garage rap at the end of the song, which consists of the lines, "I'm Luke I'm five and my dad's Bruce Lee / drives me around in his JCB". After Nizlopi played the song at several gigs, they realised that they may have made a hit single, so they approached Warner Chappell Music, who published the song.[1] It was produced by Gavin "Captain Chaos" Monaghan and executive produced by Kieron Concannon, who became Nizlopi's manager.[2][3]

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