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Jejungwon (Korean: 제중원; Hanja: 濟眾院) is a 2010 South Korean period medical drama television series about the founding and early years of Jejungwon, the first modern Western hospital in the Joseon Dynasty.[1] The hospital was founded in 1885 and began accepting a small class of students for training in Western medicine.

Starring Park Yong-woo, Han Hye-jin and Yeon Jung-hoon, the series aired on SBS from January 4 to May 4, 2010 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:55 for 36 episodes.[2][3][4]

Jejungwon (originally known as Gwanghyewon, or "House of Extended Grace"; the name was later changed to Jejungwon and then Severance Hospital after a major donor) was established in 1885 by Emperor Gojong at the suggestion of Horace Newton Allen, one of the newly arrived American medical missionaries. The first modern Western hospital in the Kingdom of Joseon, Jejungwon is documented as treating sick people regardless of their economic status, despite the hierarchical society of the era.[5]

With Allen as its first hospital director, Jejungwon accepted 16 students for medical training. The series follows their training and careers.

As modern medical science clashes with old practices in turn of the century Korea, the personal and professional challenges of Jejungwon's doctors take place against the historical and social turbulence of the times.

It aired in Thailand on Channel 3 beginning May 20, 2012, dubbed as Jejungwon Tảnān phæthy̒ h̄æ̀ng Joseon. ("เจจุงวอน ตำนานแพทย์แห่งโชซอน", literally: Jejungwon: Legendary Doctor of Joseon).[12]

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