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KDWN (720 kHz) is a commercial AM and FM radio station in Las Vegas, Nevada, owned and operated by Beasley Broadcast Group. The station pronounces its call letters as "K-Dawn." The station's studios are located in the unincorporated Clark County area of Spring Valley. Its transmitter is on Galleria Drive in Henderson. Programming is simulcast on 250-watt FM translator station K268CS at 101.5 MHz.[1]

KDWN airs a talk radio format. It runs several nationally syndicated conservative talk hosts, along with local shows, most of which are brokered programming. National hosts include Brian Kilmeade, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin. Other hours are devoted to money, health, real estate and sports. In most cases, the local hosts pay for their time on the air and are permitted to run their own advertising. Most hours on weekdays begin with world and national news from Fox News Radio. A local staff provides Nevada news, weather and traffic. Weather coverage is supplied by NBC Network affiliate KSNV Channel 3.

KDWN broadcasts with 25,000 watts during daytime hours. But because 720 AM is a clear channel frequency reserved for Class A WGN in Chicago, KDWN must reduce power to 7,500 watts at night to avoid interference. It uses a three-tower array for its directional antenna. From the 1980s until the 2000s, KDWN broadcast around the clock at 50,000 watts, with its nighttime signal heard throughout most of the Western United States, north into Canada and south into Mexico.[2] KDWN broadcasts using HD radio technology and is heard on the HD-2 digital subchannel of co-owned 96.3 KKLZ.[3] KDWN is Southern Nevada's primary entry point station for the Emergency Alert System.

KDWN first came on the air on April 7, 1975.[4] It was founded by A.J. Williams and Jack Reeder. Williams owned KTYM-AM-FM in Inglewood, California and also owned KAIL TV in Fresno. Reeder was the chief engineer of AM 1110 KRLA. Reeder died, leaving his half of the station to Williams, who owned the station until his death in 2005.[5]

The station began by broadcasting a full service format of Middle of the road music, news, sports and talk. The music format lasted longer on KDWN than on most AM radio stations of the day. In the 1970s, many AM stations were leaving music formats to FM, and switching over to talk programming.

KDWN's transition from music to talk began slowly. In the late 1970s, KDWN aired a mix of music and some talk during the day. In January 1980, KDWN began broadcasting talk around the clock. KDWN was the top news/talk outlet in the Las Vegas radio market and won an award for its coverage of the 1980 MGM Grand Fire.[6]

Unlike most Las Vegas-area stations, KDWN remained locally owned even as most of its competitors were bought out by large radio corporations such as Clear Channel Communications and Infinity Broadcasting. The continuity of ownership kept a consistent style of station sound. The station continued to rely on experienced, yet older, hosts who may have had been with the station since it began broadcasting in the talk radio format. The station did well in the ratings as one of the first generation of talk radio stations. Call screening was not used until recently.[7]

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