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KTCK (1310 AM; "SportsRadio 1310 The Ticket") is a commercial sports talk radio station licensed to Dallas, Texas, which serves the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex (DFW). Its daytime power is 25,000 watts, which is reduced to 5,000 watts at night. The station's studios are located in the Victory Park district in Dallas, just north of downtown, and the transmitter site is in Coppell. The station is currently owned by Cumulus Media. KTCK's programs are simulcast at 96.7 MHz over KTCK-FM, licensed to Flower Mound, Texas.

KTCK's current call letters and format only date back to 1994. However it is one of the oldest radio stations, including the oldest in Texas, having received its first broadcasting license, as WRR, in March 1922. In addition, prior to its first broadcasting license, WRR was issued an initial transmitting authorization in the summer of 1921, and the station evolved from even earlier work conducted by the Dallas Police Department.

The genesis of what would become WRR began through the efforts of local amateur radio enthusiasts belonging to the Dallas Radio Club, in conjunction with Henry "Dad" Garrett, who was Dallas' superintendent of police and fire signals. Inspired by activities at the New York City police department, Frank M. Corlett, a local district manager for the American Radio Relay League, approached the Dallas police about setting up something similar.[2][3] A short notice in the December 28, 1920, edition of The Dallas Morning News stated that Corlett was developing a system in cooperation with Police Commissioner L. E. McGee which would be used to "notify the near-by police of the escape of prisoners and to give a description of suspects fleeing from Dallas."[4] In early February, it was announced that the plan was now operational, consisting of nightly transmissions between 7 and 10 o'clock. The primary outlet was Corlett's Special Amateur station, 5ZC,[5] located at his home at 1101 East Eighth Street. Two alternate sites were included: Bennett Emerson's Special Amateur station, 5ZG, located at 3720 Wendelkin Street, and John Dorea's station, 5JG, at 117 West Twelfth Street.[6] In early June 1921, it was again announced that the daily police bulletin transmissions had been inaugurated by Corlett and Emerson.[7]

"Dad" Garrett was also involved in the developmental work. Garrett had had an early interest in radio communication. In 1912, a fire broke out that was being dealt with by a majority of the fire department. Meanwhile, a second major blaze occurred, but because the telephone lines were down, there was a delay in alerting crews at the site of the need to deal with the second emergency. Radio was still an unperfected technology, but Garrett recognized its future potential for speeding up communication during emergencies. In May 1921, it was reported that he had installed on a fire truck a radio receiver constructed by Corlett and had successfully received transmissions sent by Emerson and Garrett's son, Charles Garrett.[8]

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