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Kudra, formerly known as Jahanabad, is a town and corresponding community development block in Kaimur district in the state of Bihar, India. It is the third largest town in Kaimur district.[citation needed] It is situated about 18 km from District Headquarter Bhabua. As of 2011, the population of Kudra (aka Jahanabad) was 30986 .[2] The railway station in Kudra is connected to all major railway routes.

During Mughal rule kudra came under the Saverai Estate which was founded by a Sikarwar King Maharaja Dhaam dev. Now Saverai is just a village in Dildarnagar kamsar.

Kudra is located at 25.05°N 83.62°E.It has an average elevation of 76 metres (249 feet). Kudra is divided in 193 wards, 75 villages with 15 panchayats (Jehanabad, Bahera, Bhadaula, Chilbili, Derwan, Devrath Kala, Khurd, Ghataon, Meura Kharhana, Newras, Pachpokhari, Sakri, Salthuan, Sasna, Siswar). There is an ancient Kali mandir at Sakri and a stadium (Nishan Singh Stadium) near High School Jehanabad. Ramlila Maidan is near Kankali Mandir where all cultural activities are carried on. In the south, there is a river called Durgawati consisting of Nauchandi and Pathlaghat.

Kudra's climate that is of extreme nature, which denotes that it is very hot during the summer and slightly cold during the winter season. It is ideal to visit Kudra between September and December. January is the coldest month. During this time the mean minimum temperature is almost 4 degree Celsius. Temperature is at its pinnacle in the month of May when the mercury reaches almost 45 degree Celsius. Rain begins sometime in mid June and lasts till mid September. The district receives easterly winds from June to September, and from October to May wind direction reverses. It receives optimum rainfall in the months of July and August. Sometimes winter rains occur in January.

Kudra block comes under Mohania sub-division. It is divided in 193 wards, 75 villages with 15 panchayats (Jehanabad, Bahera,[3][4] Bhadaula,[5] Chilbili,[6] Derwan,[7] Devrath Kala, Khurd, Ghataon, Meura[8] Kharhana, Newras, Pachpokhari, Sakri, Salthuan, Sasna, Siswar).Kudra is a part of Mohania Vidhan Sabha constituency and Sasaram Lok Sabha constituency.

As of 2011[update] India census,[9] Kudra had a population of 17,076. Males constitute 54% of the population and females 46%. Kudra has an average literacy rate of 66%, higher than the national average of 59.5%.

The mother tongue of almost all the people in Kudra is Bhojpuri. The main occupation of most of the people is agriculture.

Kudra's economy is mainly driven by agriculture and related industries like rice polishing. The region is also known as Dhan Ka Katora,[10] meaning "a bowl of rice".Canal irrigation system is also very prominent in this area. Because of the fertile land around the town it is a local trading center for food grains, agricultural products, and agricultural equipment. The rice grown near Kudra is sold in the markets of Kolkata and New Delhi. Kudra is also known as Industrial city of Kaimur because 10 big rice mills and 400 mini rice mills (automatic) operates at Lalapur,[11] Sakri and Kudra.[12] Jhunjhunwala[13] group is also investing in Kudra and has opened a factory.

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