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Kuhmareyi is one of the languages of southwestern Fars. It is a cluster of disparate dialects; the one illustrated here is the Davani dialect (Davani: devani;[2] Persian: دوانی‎, transliteration: Davāni) of the village of Davan, 12 kilometers north of Kazerun city in southern Iran. Davani had an estimated 1,000 speakers in 2004.[3]

The transcription used here is only an approximation.[4]

short: a, e, i, o, u long: â, ā, ē, ī, ō, ū

Davani is ergative in past transitive constructions. For example (Persian transliterations are in UniPers):

English: Hasan saw Ali in the garden. Persian: Hasan,      Ali-râ tuye bâq did. Davani:  hasan-eš   ali-a   tu    bâγ di.

Infinitive markers include -san, -tan, -dan, -ðan.

The suffix -aku makes nouns definite. For example:

The plural is marked by the suffix -gal. -u is exceptionally used for "man". For example:

sēv "apple" → sēv-gal "apples" merd "man" → merd-u "men"

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