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List of statues of vladimir lenin

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This article is a list of known monuments dedicated to Vladimir Lenin. Important regions and capital cities of countries are highlighted in bold.

Currently there are 7 extant statues/busts of Lenin in India.

Nearly every city and village in the country has a Lenin statue, usually located in the central square. The one in Bishkek was removed from the central square and is now located behind the national museum.

All statues were taken down in 1991 or soon after, most eventually winding up in Grutas Park. They were erected during the Soviet period and stood, among other places, in Vilnius (at least two statues, one of them together with Lithuanian communist leader Kapsukas), Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Jonava, Druskininkai, and Jurbarkas (the Jurbarkas Lenin is now part of an installation in Europos Parkas park in Vilnius).

In 1939-1941, after the attack of the Red Army, statues of Lenin were in: Sokółka,[71] Augustów, Kolno, Suwałki, Białystok (pulled down in June 1941), Łomża, Choroszcz (3x),[72] Brańsk, Bielsk Podlaski, Jedwabne,[73][74] Siemiatycze,[75] Śniadowo, Czyżewo (pulled down 5 July 1941),[76] Zaręby Kościelne,[77] Zambrów,[78] Przemyśl, Lubaczów, Łapy, Zabłudów[79] etc.

In the Soviet Union, many cities had statues and monuments of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, the revolutionary and leader of the Russian SFSR, better known by the nom de plume Vladimir Lenin. With the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, many of them were destroyed without the consent of their creators. This happened even earlier in the European post-Communist states and in the Baltic states. However, in many of the former Soviet Republics (namely Russia, Belarus and Ukraine) many remain, and some new ones have been erected.[80]

In 1991 Ukraine had 5,500 Lenin monuments.[85]

In Ukraine more than 500 statues of Lenin were dismantled between February 2014 and mid-April 2015, after which nearly 1,700 remained standing.[86] On 15 May 2015 President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed a bill into law that set a six-month deadline for the removal of the country's communist monuments.[87] By December 2015 Lenin monuments 1,300 were still standing (in Ukraine).[85]

Prior to Ukraine's Euromaidan, Lenin monuments and other Soviet-era monuments were already being removed.[88][89] However, in 2008, the 139th anniversary of Lenin, two new Lenin monuments were erected in Luhansk Oblast.[80]

In May 2016 Dnipropetrovsk was itself was officially renamed to Dnipro to comply with decommunization laws.[105]

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