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Lucid Nation is an American Los Angeles-based experimental rock band formed in 1994 made up of Tamra Spivey and Ronnie Pontiac, and an ever-rotating line up of musicians. More multimedia collective than traditional band Lucid Nation projects include zines, documentary films, and art. Lucid Nation is on their own independent record label Brain Floss Records.

"In 1994, Tamra Spivey started the Riot Grrrl Message Board on a fledgling one million subscriber America Online. Participants in the board and a related email list included Slim Moon of Kill Rock Stars, Courtney Love of Hole and Danny Goldberg, then president of Warner Bros. Records, college radio workers, several zinewriters, musicians, and high school girls, graduate students, Carla DiSantis, editor of 'Rockrgrl' magazine, and Donna Dresch of the band Team Dresch."[1]

An email debate about the treatment of women at indie labels vs. major labels proposed by Spivey involving members of the AOL Riot Grrrl Message Board and others became the very popular zine TVi described by New York Magazine in a feature on Danny Goldberg as "an haute-grunge cyber salon of e-mail aficionados that include Courtney Love and Kill Rock Stars label chief Slim Moon."[2]

Lucid Nation was formed in Los Angeles in 1994, when founding drummer, Debbie Haliday, joined Spivey and Ronnie Pontiac to form a riot grrrl band.[3] Spivey and Pontiac were already playing in a band called Cat Cult who never released recordings or played live despite recording demos with Ralph Schuckett for Columbia Records. The three soon formed Lucid Nation and had their first live gig, a fundraiser for a riot grrrl art and zine collective known as Revolution Rising. The show was at a club called Cell 63, where they opened for two local riot grrrl bands: TummyAche and Crown for Athena. Haliday, Spivey, and Pontiac became members of the Los Angeles-based feminist art and zine collective Revolution Rising.

Their next show was in a downtown LA art gallery opening for Team Dresch, followed by a show opening for Bikini Kill in Montebello. Lucid Nation toured the West Coast next, playing seven riot grrrl conventions in one summer. They also backed Warhol superstar Holly Woodlawn at several live shows.[4]

After her apartment was ransacked and a gang member was shot dead in the doorway to her apartment building, Haliday moved back to Florida for college. Spivey compiled the band's work thus far and put out an album entitled The Stillness of Over (1997). The album reached #11 most added on the CMJ charts.

Spivey on The Stillness of Over: "'The Stillness of Over' has a triple meaning. Obviously it refers to the exit of Debbie, and also to the end of the golden age of riot grrrl, but 'The Stillness of Over' is also the instant when a hurdle is cleared."

The last track of the CD featured a guest drummer, Nick Romero (of The Limeys), who joined the band after Haliday left. The track was recorded live at a protest show headlined by iconic activist and poet John Sinclair during the Republican National Convention in San Diego.

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