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Lucknow Mahanagar Parivahan Sewa (English: Lucknow Metropolitan Transport Service) is an urban bus service of Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation which operates in the city of Lucknow and the surrounding area.

Lucknow Mahanagar Parivahan Sewa, popularly known as City Bus Service, was established to cater to the increasing needs of commuters. The service started in 2005, when 100 buses were introduced. In 2010, a new fleet of Buses including low floor buses was introduced. It is part of Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission.

Lucknow Mahanagar Parivahan Sewa's headquarters are in Lucknow. Its four depots are Gomti Nagar, Charbagh, Amausi, and Dubagga. The larger buses are parked in Gomtinagar and Charbagh, and the mini buses are parked in Dubagga and Amausi. The terminals are at Gudamba, Virajkhand, Alambagh, Scooter India, Engineering college, B.B.D., Pasi Qila, Charbagh, Andhe ki Chowki, and Budheshwar Chowraha.[1] It has a total of 650 employees.[2] LMPS is operated by "Lucknow City Transport Services Limited" (LCTS).[3]

The fleet currently consists of 120 buses, all of which run on compressed natural gas (CNG) & Electric system.

Lucknow Mahanagar Parivahan Sewa operates a large number of low floor buses under the title UPSRTC JNNURM: Low Floor Bus Service. These buses are coloured according to whether or not they have air conditioning: air-conditioned buses are dark blue and white, while non air-conditioned buses are purple and white. All low floor buses in Lucknow are operated by TATA Marcopolo. These buses are equipped with automatic doors, all of the required security measures, and can be used by disabled people. Low floor buses are now being equipped with GPS and are capable of displaying the name of the next stop.

Semi Low-Floor Buses are more common. These buses are equipped with basic security measures as well as GPS. The name of each approaching stop is both displayed and announced. This type of bus has open doorways, and consequently takes less time at stops than buses with automatic doors. The lack of doors enables passengers to ride on the exterior footboards during periods of overcrowding. This practice is discouraged by the police and can cause fatal accidents.[4]

Mini buses are smaller in size and primarily operate on shorter routes. These buses are very basic in terms of security and comfort, and are not equipped with automatic doors. However, mini buses can travel faster than low floor and semi-low floor buses. All 120 mini buses in Lucknow Mahanagar Parivahan Sewa are manufactured by Swaraj Mazda.

All Lucknow Mahanagar Parivahan Sewa buses are under observation and can be tracked. Screens displaying information on upcoming departures are placed at bus stops. Cameras are placed in each bus so that both staff and passenger activity can be recorded. All cameras are under observation in a central observatory, and these observers are seen in turn through surveillance cameras monitored by higher authorities. By using GPS, bus timings can be shared easily and reliably.[5]

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