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MWM (formerly known as Madison Wells Media) is an American diversified entertainment company. Founded by Gigi Pritzker and Clint Kisker in 2015, MWM produces film, television, live theater, podcasts, and interactive experiences.[2][1]

Pritzker, an award-winning film and live theater producer, became interested in incorporating VR into her work after she encountered the New Frontier program at the Sundance Institute's Film Festival in 2014, where she is also a trustee. Energized by the narrative possibilities of the new technologies, transmedia, and immersive design that New Frontier spotlights, she sought to "take advantage of a landscape that was rapidly changing and valuing 'content' in new ways," to "focus on storytellers in a way content never has before."[3] Pritzker subsequently met Clint Kisker, then the head of business development at Legendary Entertainment, where he championed new media. Pritzker and Kisker shared a similar vision, and together founded MWM to create films, theater productions, and VR experiences under one umbrella to "expand and grow the IP that was born in any one of those units" through cross-pollination.[3] Named after Madison and Wells Streets in Chicago, where Pritzker's great-grandfather sold newspapers when he was 12, MWM launched in November 2015.[4]

At the time of its founding, MWM operated under the banners of OddLot Entertainment (film and television), Reality One (interactive), and Relevant Live (theater). In 2017, to streamline its operations and increase flexibility across its multiple platforms, the divisions were brought together, and Reality One and Relevant Live were rebranded respectively as MWM Interactive and MWM Live. In November 2017, Oddlot was renamed MWM Studios.[5] MWM Universe, an IP-focused division of MWM that acquires and develops properties across media including film, TV, gaming, comics and books, was established in 2018 when they partnered with Chicago-based artist Hebru Brantley and his Angry Hero Productions to create fully immersive storyworlds.[6]

MWM Studios, a division of MWM, teams with storytellers to produce feature films and television programming and develops, finances and arranges global distribution for its original content. The studio, led by Rachel Shane, CCO, and COO Adrian Alperovich,[1] has produced films such as the Golden Globe and Academy Award-nominated Hell or High Water and the Emmy Award-winning television series Genius.[7] Its adaptation of Jonathan Lethem's Motherless Brooklyn (written by, directed, and starring Edward Norton) was released in November, 2019.[8]

Motherless Brooklyn 21 Bridges My Spy Hell or High Water Drive Genius: Picasso Landline Genius: Einstein Ender's Game Rosewater Rabbit Hole The Way, Way Back Genius: Aretha The Eyes of Tammy Faye The Thing About Jellyfish

MWM Seithigal is a Tamil news division of MWM, teams with Tamil news presenters from Sun TV, Star Vijay, RTM TV2 and Vasantham to produce news and current affairs programming and provide develops, finances and arranges global distribution for its original content. The news division, led by Emily Calandrelli and Mediacorp news presenter Genevieve Woo, produced a Tamil news program of the same name and a current affairs program called “MWM Ethroli”.

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