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Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc. (株式会社毎日放送, Kabushiki-gaisha Mainichi Hōsō, Mainichi Broadcasting System Stock-Company), or MBS, is a radio and television broadcasting company headquartered in Osaka, Japan, affiliated with Japan Radio Network (JRN), National Radio Network (NRN), Japan News Network (JNN) and TBS Network, serving in the Kansai region.

It is a parent company of a television station named MBS TV (MBSテレビ) and a radio station named MBS Radio (MBSラジオ). MBS is also one of the major stockholders of TBS Holdings, BS-TBS, RKB Mainichi Broadcasting, i-Television, TV-U Fukushima, Hiroshima Home Television, WOWOW., and FM802.

New Japan Broadcasting Company (新日本放送株式会社, Shin-Nippon Hōsō Kabushiki-gaisha, NJB) was founded December 27, 1950. NJB started radio broadcasting from Hankyu Department Store on September 1, 1951 as the second commercial one in Japan. NJB founded Osaka Television Co., Ltd. (大阪テレビ放送株式会社, Ōsaka Terebi Hōsō Kabushiki-gaisha, OTV) on December 1, 1956 with Asahi Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). NJB was renamed "Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc." on June 1, 1958. On March 1, 1959, after selling all stocks of OTV to ABC, MBS started analog terrestrial television broadcasting independently from OTV on, and made a network with Nippon Educational Television Co., Ltd. (NET, the predecessor of TV Asahi Corporation). In 1960 a broadcasting studio was completed in Senri.

In 1964 MBS formed a radio network with TBS Radio and RKB Radio, which evolved into Japan Radio Network (JRN) in 1965. in 1974 MBS joined a television news network called All-Nippon News Network (ANN). On March 31, 1975 MBS changed to a news network called Japan News Network (JNN) because the president of the Asahi Shimbun in those days ordered ABC to change the flagship station to NET. On May 15, 1977: The frequency of MBS Radio changed from 1210 kHz to 1180 kHz.

The American Broadcasting Company (ABC, not to be confused with the Asahi Broadcasting Corporation) acquired a 5% stake on New Japan Broadcasting in 1951[1] and remained as a shareholder in MBS through the 1970s; ABC retained 5% of all shares in 1977, making it the third largest shareholder at the time.

November 23, 1978 at 5 AM the frequency of MBS Radio changed again from 1180 kHz to 1179 kHz. In 1990 new headquarters and new broadcasting studio was completed in Chayamachi, Kita-ku, Osaka for the 40th anniversary of starting broadcasting. MBS moved and merged the headquarters and studio on September 1; the registered headquarters from the Mainichi Shimbun Osaka Head Office, and the broadcasting studio from Senri.

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