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Mega Man X (after X4 stylized as Megaman X), known in Japan as Rockman X[a], is a series of action platform video games released by Capcom. It is part of the Mega Man franchise and was initially released on December 17, 1993 in Japan (January 1994 in North America) on the Super NES/Super Famicom and spawned several sequels on various systems, most of which were later ported to the PC platform. The game play introduced new elements to the Mega Man franchise including the ability to dash and climb walls.[1] The first six games in the series were compiled in the anthology Mega Man X Collection.

Capcom released Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 & 2 on July 24, 2018 and July 26, 2018 in Japan, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows, which contains all eight main games over both collections, as well as bonus modes.[2][3]

Mega Man X, commonly known as "X", was created by Dr. Thomas Light. X was a new type of robot with the ability to think, feel, and make his own decisions. Recognizing the potential danger of this model (in particular if he were to break the first rule of robotics: a robot must never harm a human being), Light sealed X away in a diagnostic capsule for over 30 years of testing.[4] X's capsule was uncovered by an archaeologist named Dr. Cain almost 100 years after X's creation. Excited by the possibilities X presented, Cain disregarded the warnings Light had logged in the capsule and created a legion of robots that replicated X's free will; these robots were called "Reploids" (shortened from Replica Android, but known as "Repliroids" in Japan).

A number of Reploids turned against humans. These Reploids were dubbed "Mavericks" ("Irregulars" in Japan), and a force called the Maverick Hunters ("Irregular Hunters") was formed to combat them. The Maverick Hunters were led by Sigma until he, too, became a Maverick and declared war against the humans, thus starting the Maverick War. X took it upon himself to join the Maverick Hunters under their new leader Zero. Throughout the series, X, Zero, and later Axl (a prototype of the next-generation Reploid) battle against the Mavericks to stop their plots to destroy the human race.

After the series reached an unresolved cliffhanger, a game entitled "Mega Man X Dive" was released by Capcom Taiwan in which a human plays Mega Man X, until due in part to some corrupted data known as Maverick Data, he/she gets transported into the Deep Log, a massive database with data on every Mega Man game. The player must progress through the scrambled code of the Maverick War, Elf Wars, and the Game Of Destiny, to destroy the Maverick Data causing the slow corruption of the Deep Log.[citation needed]

Capcom released Mega Man X for the SNES to give a new image to the Mega Man game series. There are a total of 11 games in the Mega Man X series: Mega Man X through Mega Man X8, Mega Man X: Command Mission, Mega Man Xtreme and Xtreme 2. Mega Man X Collection was released in 2006 exclusively in North America. It comprises the first six Mega Man X games, plus Mega Man: Battle & Chase. Two compilations were released as a combo pack worldwide in July 2018, with the Japanese release occurring two days after the rest of the world: Mega Man X Legacy Collection, which has Mega Man X through Mega Man X4, and Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2, which has Mega Man X5 through Mega Man X8.

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