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Mwanza, also known as Rock City to the residents,[2] is a port city on the southern shore of Lake Victoria in north-western Tanzania. With an urban population of 1,120,000 in 2020,[3] it is Tanzania's second largest city, after Dar es Salaam. It is also the second largest city in the Lake Victoria basin after Kampala, Uganda and ahead of Kisumu, Kenya at least in population size. Within the East African community, Mwanza city is the fifth largest city after Dar, Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kampala. It is slightly ahead of Kigali, Kisumu, and Bujumbura in the population of city proper limits. However, in terms of infrastructure, Kigali and Kisumu cities are way ahead of Mwanza. Mwanza city is also the capital city of Mwanza Region, and is administratively divided into two municipal districts within that Region - Ilemela and Nyamagana.

The Sukuma constitute over 90 percent of the population of the Mwanza Region. Other ethnic groups in the region, in much smaller proportions, include the Zinza, Haya, Sumbwa, Nyamwezi, Luo, Kurya, Jita, Shashi and Kerewe. They live mainly in the Mwanza city area. National policy, however, gives very little importance to ethnic groupings and reliable data is difficult to find.[4]

In 2011 the City Council announced plans to create a major commercial development in the Ilemela District.[6] Construction works on Rock City Mall were finalized in early 2016. This mall is the first of its size in Mwanza and one of the biggest malls in the country.[7]

Tanzania Breweries Limited has a brewery in Mwanza[8]

One major occupation of the inhabitants along the shores of Lake Victoria in Mwanza region is fishing, and there are five fish processing plants in the area.[9] The Nile perch were previously introduced to the lake, and are exported in large quantities.[10]

The consequences of the Nile perch industry are the subject of the Academy Award nominated documentary Darwin's Nightmare (2004) by Hubert Sauper.[11]

Water supply coverage is at 75% and sewerage at 23.7%.[12] Projects to increase coverage including the UN Habitat Lake Victoria Water and Sanitation (LVWATSAN-Mwanza) project.[13]

Water is managed by the Mwanza Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (Mwauwasa), established in 1996 and wholly owned by the government of Tanzania.[12] The authority covers Mwanza City, Kisesa Township in Magu District,[12] Misungwi town and Nyahiti Village in Misungwi District,[14] Geita, Sengerema and Nansio,[15] and Lamadi in Simiyu Region.[14] Mwauwasa operates a wastewater treatment plant in Butuja Ilemela[16]

Saanane Island National Park is located on a rocky island in Lake Victoria, 500 meters from Capri Point in the centre of Mwanza.[17]

The westernmost gate (Ndabaka Gate) of Serengeti National Park is located at around 150 kilometres by road from Mwanza town. Day trips to Serengeti National Park are organised by several tour operators in Mwanza.[18]

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