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Coordinates: 46°04′54.4″N 14°30′46.1″E / 46.081778°N 14.512806°E / 46.081778; 14.512806

Nogometni klub Olimpija Ljubljana (Slovene pronunciation: [nɔɡɔˈméːtni ˈklúːp ɔˈlìːmpija ljubˈljàːna]; English: Olimpija Ljubljana Football Club), commonly referred to as Olimpija Ljubljana or simply Olimpija, is a professional association football club, based in the city of Ljubljana, Slovenia. The club competes in the Slovenian PrvaLiga, the country's highest football division.

Founded on 2 March 2005, under the name NK Bežigrad, Olimpija began competing in the Slovenian Fifth League during the 2005–06 season and managed to achieve promotion in four successive seasons, reaching the top division for the first time in 2009 after winning the 2008–09 Slovenian Second League. After seven years in the top division, Olimpija won their first major trophy when they were crowned champions in the 2015–16 season. They won another league title in the 2017–18 season; during the same season, Olimpija also won the national cup, completing "the double".

Originally, the club played at the Bežigrad Stadium and ŽAK Stadium during the club's stay in the second division and during the first year in the top division. In 2010, they moved to the Stožice Stadium with a capacity of 16,038. The club played its opening match on the new stadium on 22 August 2010.

Olimpija's nicknames are The Green-Whites (Zeleno-beli), referring to their primary colours, and The Dragons (Zmaji), referring to the dragon which is a symbol of Ljubljana and is represented on the city's coat of arms and on the club's crest.

Olimpija Ljubljana was founded on 2 March 2005[1][6][7] as NK Bežigrad,[8][9][10] and was renamed NK Olimpija Bežigrad during their third season of existence.[3][11] The club was renamed again to ŠD NK Olimpija Ljubljana on 3 March 2008 after being granted the right by the Administrative unit of the City Municipality of Ljubljana.[2][11] The club regard themselves as the continuation of the four-times Slovenian Champions Olimpija, who went bankrupt and were dissolved following the 2004–05 season.[3][7][10][11][12] Legally, Olimpija Ljubljana is distinct and separate club as treated by the Football Association of Slovenia.[3][8][13][14][15][16][17] In addition, Olimpija Ljubljana was founded whilst the dissolved Olimpija was still in existence and was a member of the top division, playing their final league match on 28 May 2005 against Celje,[18] before effectively ceasing all operations.[7][10][19][20]

Because of their association with the dissolved club, Olimpija Ljubljana was criticised on numerous occasions by several media outlets in the country, which questioned the legitimacy of their actions and even the fact that the club has a year 1911 inscribed on their crest.[3][7][9][10][11][21][22] They were also criticised by ND Ilirija 1911.[11][23] The dissolved Olimpija filed for bankruptcy after they have accumulated a debt of over 700 million Slovenian tolars (around €3 million in 2004 exchange rate).[3][11][24] In 2013, the Davčna uprava Republike Slovenije (English: The Tax Administration of the Republic of Slovenia), or simply DURS, publicly disclosed the list of tax debtors in the country and among those was also NK Olimpija Ljubljana, with a tax debt between €100,000 and €300,000.[3] The next day, Olimpija Ljubljana’s officials made a public statement where they confirmed that the club in question (i.e. dissolved Olimpija) is a different legal entity and is not, by any means, connected with Olimpija Ljubljana who competes in the top division and does not have any financial obligations to the State or any third parties.[3][25]

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