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National Council of Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA), also known as the National Council of SPCAs,[2] is the largest and oldest animal welfare organisation in South Africa. The NSPCA handles all matters relating to animal cruelty involving all animal species and is a registered Non-Profit Organisation registered with the Department of Social Development.[3]

The NSPCA is referred to as "NDBV" in Afrikaans (one of the 11 official languages in South Africa) and is also known as Nasionale Raad van Dierebeskermingsverenigings (NDBV). SPCA is DBV in Afrikaans.[4]

In 2009, SPCA staff approached the Office of the Public Protector to complain about NSPCA chief executive Marcelle Meredith. In the conclusion of the report, the Public Protector wrote: "Upon careful consideration of the facts before us, the Office of the Public Protector is of the view that there may exist serious organisational and human relationship problems within the NSPCA, and that many appear to have their origin in an unaccountable management style."[5] In 2011, Pat Werdmiller exposed cruel practices that involved the direct injection of euthanasia drugs into the heart of animals at the NSPCA.[6] In 2018, the eThekwini Municipality threatened to withdraw its funding to SPCA because services where delivered primarily in white areas rather than townships.[7] During the same year, the National lottery dropped the SPCA from its list of beneficiaries.[8] In 2020, South African organised agriculture publicly accosted the NSPCA for failing in its statutory obligation to prevent animal cruelty at a farm level in the country with specific reference to wild dog hunting and inhumane slaughtering during stock theft.[9] In the same year, respected South African animal rights activist Dr Smaragda Louw criticized the NSPCA for claiming proceeds of a bequest that was allegedly destined for the SPCA Mooiriver.[10]

The Mission of the NSPCA is to prevent cruelty and promote the welfare of all animals, whilst their Vision is to end animal cruelty In South Africa and engender compassion for all animals.[11]

The NSPCA was founded in 1955 and was named the federation of Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCAs). The aim was to provide a forum to bring uniformity to welfare legislation and standards in South Africa.[12] The NSPCA later changed its name to the National Council of SPCAs. There are over 90 member SPCAs in South Africa which are governed by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals 169 of 1993[13] which is administered by the NSPCA, thus making the NSPCA a statutory body. The SPCA Act also gives the NSPCA locus standi to act on behalf of animals in South Africa.

The NSPCA became well known for its involvement and handling of the Tuli Elephant case in 1998. The case involved thirty (30) juvenile elephants that were forcibly removed from their natural herds in the Tuli area of Botswana. The elephants had been transported to South Africa and were being trained using a circus elephant and individuals who had come out from Malaysia to do so. The training methods used were cruel and inhumane. A guilty verdict was given in court, this was a landmark achievement for the NSPCA and wild animals in South Africa.[14]

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