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The National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) federation players are players whose NWSL contracts are paid for by their respective national federations.[1] They were previously known as allocated players from 2013 to 2016 and as subsidized players in 2017; the current name came into effect in 2018.[2][3] While many still refer to them colloquially as allocated (or allocation) players, this outdated terminology should be avoided to prevent confusion with players paid using the NWSL's "allocation money", introduced before the 2020 NWSL season.[4]

The federation players originally came from the United States Soccer Federation (USSF), the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA), and the Mexican Football Federation (FMF), and they were distributed to the eight founding teams of the NWSL through a player allocation process. The initial list of players to be allocated was announced on January 9, 2013,[5] with the allocation results for the 55 national team players announced two days later.[6] The FMF ceased allocating players to the NWSL in 2016 and started its own league in 2017, Liga MX Femenil.

For the initial allocation, each of the eight teams submitted which players they desired, ranking all players in each national team pool, and all the eligible players submitted which four teams they wanted to play for, as well as one team they didn't. The results were then matched by a third party.[7]

The initial player allocation was held on January 9, 2013, with each team's allocation announced on January 11. The USSF initially chose to fund 23 player salaries, while CSA and FMF both funded 16 players. Each team, except for the Western New York Flash, received three U.S., two Canadian, and two Mexican internationals; the Flash received two U.S. internationals.[6]

Italic designates players who did not participate in the season* designates player who was traded during the season

Heather Mitts retired before the season started, Amy LePeilbet was out with injury all summer, and Amy Rodriguez took the season off due to pregnancy.

In the month leading up to opening day, the FMF withdrew funding for several of its players, removing them from the NWSL:

On March 1, Chicago sent Winters and a fourth-round 2014 draft pick to Seattle in exchange for a first-round 2014 draft pick and a return of one of Seattle's allocated players to Chicago after the season was complete.[9][10] It was later revealed that Seattle would not send an allocated player to Chicago, with Winters losing her allocation status and Chicago getting a new allocated player.[11]

On July 1, Kansas City traded Renae Cuellar and their third-round pick to Seattle in exchange for Teresa Noyola, right to Nikki Krzysik, and a second-round draft pick.[12] Cuellar had been a league-leading scorer until she had an injury and was unable to return to KC's starting lineup even after fully recovering.[13]

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