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Oey Tamba Sia (1827 – October 7, 1856), also spelt Oeij Tambah Sia, or often mistakenly Oey Tambahsia, was a rich, Chinese-Indonesian playboy hanged by the Dutch colonial government due to his involvement in a number of murder cases in Batavia, now Jakarta, capital of colonial Indonesia.[1][2][3] His life has become part of Jakarta folklore, and inspired numerous literary works.[4][5]

Born in 1827, Oey was the son of Oey Thai Lo, also known as Oey Thoa, a Chinese-born tycoon and tobacco magnate, originally from Pekalongan, Central Java, who had been appointed Luitenant der Chinezen of Kongsi Besar in Batavia.[6][7] This was a civil government position in the colonial bureaucracy with legal and political jurisdiction over the local Chinese community.[8] As the son of a Chinese officer, Oey Tamba held the hereditary title of Sia; and his family belonged to the Cabang Atas or the traditional Chinese establishment of colonial Indonesia.[9]

Aged 15 years old, Oey Tamba Sia lost his father, Luitenant Oey Thai Lo, who died in 1838, leaving his children a large fortune that supposedly amounted to 2 million guilders.[7][6] Local folklore has it that, although handsome and fashionable, the young Oey was an arrogant young man and a notorious womanizer - character flaws that were compounded by his enviable inheritance.[2][7][10] Oey was married to Sim Hong Nio.[2]

The late colonial writer Phoa Kian Sioe alleges that Oey was dismissive of the city's Chinese officers, who were his late father's friends and colleagues in the colonial bureaucracy.[2] In particular, Oey was disrespectful towards Tan Eng Goan, 1st Majoor der Chinezen of Batavia, head of the city's Chinese community, because the latter had relied on Oey's father for financial support.[2] According to Phoa, Oey spurned the exasperated Majoor's Confucian exhortations for gentlemanly behaviour and his offer of a Chinese lieutenancy.[2] Oey developed instead a fierce rivalry with the Majoor's son-in-law, Lim Soe Keng Sia.[2]

Oey ordered the killing of Sutedjo, brother of his concubine Mas Adjeng Goendjing, whom he mistakenly thought was her lover.[1][2][10] Oey also masterminded the poisoning of his servant Oey Tjeng Kie in order to implicate his rival, Lim Soe Keng Sia.[1][2][10] Although Lim, the Majoor's son-in-law, was initially and scandalously apprehended by the authorities, further police and court investigations revealed Oey as the mastermind of both murders.[1][2][10]

The Landraad (or criminal court) sentenced Oey Tamba Sia to death by public hanging.[1][2] Oey's family attempted an appeal to the Raad van Justitie (or high court) and for clemency from the Governor-General, both of which were rejected.[2][10]

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