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Ong Seok Kim (Chinese: 王叔金; pinyin: Wáng Shū Jīn; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Ông Sio̍k Kim; 21 November 1884 - 31 May 1964) was an educationist, social worker, philanthropist and entrepreneur. He was born in Yongchun County, Southern Fujian Province in China and migrated to the then Malaya (now Malaysia) in 1903. As an entrepreneur, Ong began building up his wealth through trading in supplies for tin miners in the Ipoh/Gopeng area in the state of Perak, and later as a local trader in Sitiawan, Manjung District (formerly known as Dindings District), also in Perak. He continued building his wealth through establishing retail shops, and later through investment in rubber estates and commercial properties in Manjung District and as far as Betong in Thailand. The wealth he created would later be used towards various charity and education projects in Manjung District, and in particular, Sitiawan town.[1][2][3]

Ong was born on 21 November 1884 in China, in Jindou, Yongchun County, Southern Fujian Province. In 1903, he left Nanyang (what South-east Asia was known to the Chinese at that time) at the age of 19. He arrived at Teluk Anson (now known as Teluk Intan), in the state of Perak where he worked as a shop assistant. In 1905, he moved to the Ipoh area, starting his own business as a "thing-tong" man, peddling clothes, toys, and shoes among other things, selling to the tin-mining community in Ipoh and surrounding towns including Lahat, Menglembu, Pusing, Gopeng and Tronoh. Ong then moved to Sitiawan in 1908 where he established several retail shops and in the surrounding area including Changkat Jering. He also invested in rubber estates and commercial properties in the Manjung District and in Betong, Thailand. By the age of 30, Ong was considered a wealthy man.[1][3]

Ong had aliases. He was also known as Wang Rongzan (Chinese: 王荣簪) and Wang Lisheng (Chinese: 王丽生). He was part of the 29th generation of the Wang/Ong family which originated from the Three Wangs/Ongs (Chinese: 三王) whose roots had been traced back to the Zhou Ling Wang Emperor (BC 571-545) 2,500 years back. The Three Wangs/Ongs migrated to Fujian Province more than one thousand years ago (in AD 825). One of the Three Wangs/Ongs was Wang Shenzhi (Chinese: 王审知) (AD 862-925), the first king of Fujian Province.[4] Ong and his descendants originated from this ancestral line.[5] At present, there are more than 700 extended family members of Ong spread over many parts of the world. On 5 October 2013, 380 family members from China, Australia, Singapore and Indonesia, joined Malaysian family members in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, to commemorate the golden jubilee anniversary of the passing of Ong in 1964.[6]

Ong contributed to social welfare through charitable works which intertwined with his education projects. He contributed to the Sitiawan area and larger district area through financial contributions and implementation of community projects. He initiated and led the development of community and education projects from start to completion. After initiating such projects, Ong would begin fundraising for those projects in towns in Malaya and Singapore. He approached other businessmen as well as the general public to raise funds.[7]

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