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"Pjanoo" (pronounced [ˈpjɑ̌ːnʊ]) is a keyboard-based house track by the Swedish DJ and producer Eric Prydz. It received moderate airplay amongst British radio stations, being heavily used by BBC Radio 1 in advertisements for their "Radio 1 Big Weekend" and "Weekend in Ibiza" events. The single peaked at number six on the Swedish Singles Chart. "Pjanoo" found success outside Sweden, particularly in the United Kingdom, where it peaked at number two on the UK Singles Chart and topped the country's Dance chart for ten non-consecutive weeks.

The song has been on promotional release since 17 March 2008[1] with Eric Prydz's own label, Pryda, with a limited number of 12" pressings available on special order. The song was released on 8 August 2008 by Ministry of Sound's Imprint Label, Data Records.

Prydz stated: "I played it in a club in northern UK in 2006. Didn't get the reaction I thought I would, so I didn't play it for years until I found the CD while playing at 'Ambasadeur' club in Stockholm. Played it for fun again and it went off. Someone filmed it and it ended up on YouTube."

British drum and bass producer High Contrast made a successful drum and bass remix of "Pjanoo" which was released by Data Records on 26 August 2008, with a track length of 7:43.[2]

Despite showing overall resentment towards Prydz, Pitchfork nonetheless conceded that the song was "one of the year's best dance tracks".[3]

A cowboy in the Old West has a fistful of dollars but he cannot find a drink anywhere because the temperature is over 40 °C (104 °F). He finds an old pub named Pjanoo, and goes into the pub to find a drink. Then an old piano plays by itself, and the cowboy finds two shrunken Native Americans who provide a rain dance, causing rain to fall very heavily. A water tap has water running and the cowboy runs to the tap to have a drink and then runs out of the pub.

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