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Qpids is a Philippine reality love-team search which aired on ABS-CBN from May 23 to September 25, 2005. The show featured nine loveteams who competed through races and acting challenges. At the end of each challenge, the weakest loveteam was eliminated, until the final four loveteams remained. The winner of the "Ultimate Loveteam" title was determined through a combination of viewer votes and judges' scores.

Qpids was also broadcast on TFC: The Filipino Channel.

After the success in 2004 of reality talent search program Star Circle Quest where he had been a juror, Qpids creator Laurenti Dyogi conceptualized a similar reality talent search program, this time with the intent to find the best acting loveteam.

Star Circle Quest, which by then was popularly known by its acronym SCQ, became the inspiration for SCQpids, the name being a play on "SCQ" and the word "cupid". The first two letters were eventually dropped and the show later came to be known simply as Qpids.

In the first three weeks of the series, 9 'princesses' and 18 'princes' were introduced, then sent on a variety of adventures to get to know one another. Each princess was then asked to pick her prince, while the show's creator, Lauren Dyogi, played the role of Mr. Qpido by picking a prince for each princess.

The resulting pairings created interlocking love triangles, where each princess was paired with two princes, and where some of the princes were also linked to two princesses.

By the end of the third week, Mr. Qpido announced his final choice for each princess. The princes who were not chosen were eliminated from the show, leaving only 9 love pairs.

The next 10 weeks of the show saw the 9 love pairs competing in acting challenges. A panel of judges, dubbed The Love Council, was assembled after each challenge to judge their performances. Through a combination of judges' scores and viewer votes through SMS text messages and phone calls, the weakest pair was identified and eliminated, until only four pairs remained. These four pairs were considered Qpids Finalists.

The four Qpids Finalists then performed together in a four-week drama mini-series. As in previous weeks, the Ultimate Loveteam was determined through a combination of judges' scores and viewer votes.

Two awards were given on the Grand Finals night—a Voters' Choice Award (for the pair with the most viewer votes) and the Qpids Ultimate Loveteam title.

Writing was led by Headwriter Theodore Boborol, with writing team members Adolfo Alix, Jr., Mariami Tanangco and Marcus Vinuya.[1]

Since the show was a reality-program, the writing team was initially focused more on writing dialogue for the hosts, and conceptualizing the challenges that the cast would face. Later in the series, however, short acting skits and full-length drama challenges were written for the Qpids Finalists.

Casting was done through auditions, and screen tests were performed individually and in pairs. Selected audition and screen test video clips were later aired in a spin-off program called Qpids Sunday Loventures.

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