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RCN Radio (Radio Cadena Nacional, "National Radio Network") is one of the main radio networks in Colombia. Founded in 1949 with the integration of Radio Pacífico (Cali), La Voz de Medellín' and Emisora Nueva Granada (Bogotá).[1][2]

Carlos Ardila Lülle is its main shareholder since 1973.

It also operates affiliate stations in Tame (Tame FM Stereo), Ocana, Mariquita (Ondas del Gualí), Puerto Lopez (Marandúa Stereo).

You can listen to RCN Radio in New York in 98.7 and 89.9 FM in RCN Radio International. Also in the Real World Audio RCN RCN Mundo

RCN Radio broadcasts in New York City at 98.7 FM and RCN Radio Internacional broadcasts at 89.9 FM.

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