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The second season of the animated television series Rick and Morty originally aired on Cartoon Network's late night programming block Adult Swim in the United States on July 26, 2015 with "A Rickle in Time", and concluded on October 4 with "The Wedding Squanchers". This season aired a total of ten episodes.

The actors and actresses listed below lend their voices to the corresponding animated characters.

Other cast members of the season, who each have voiced one or more characters, include: Jay Johnson, Tom Kenny, Jill Talley, Paul F. Tompkins, Scott Chernoff, Ryan Elder, Will Jennings, Maurice LaMarche, Tress MacNeille, Ryan Ridley, Kari Wahlgren, John Kassir, Dawnn Lewis, Nolan North, Rob Paulsen, Gary Anthony Williams, Tony Barbieri, Kevin Michael Richardson, Jevin Smith, Tara Strong, Dan Benson, Dan Harmon, Jess Harnell, Phil Hendrie, William Holmes, Cassie Steele, Mike McCaffery, Brandon Johnson, James Atkinson, Rob Schrab and Arin Hanson.

Continuing from "Ricksy Business", Rick, Morty and Summer spend six months repairing the house and screwing around with time frozen. After unfreezing it, the trio ends up in a decaying dimension. They split into separate timelines whenever they are uncertain about something. Rick becomes paranoid, thinking that his duplicates want to kill him, but eventually he calms down. A creature in charge of safeguarding time appears and gives them collars that integrate all the timelines, then attempts to arrest them because Rick stole the time-freezing crystal. Rick, Morty, and Summer show uncertainty on purpose and break the collars, splitting into sixty-four timelines, and they simultaneously beat up the same creature. Rick then repairs the collars, and they successfully integrate all the timelines. In one timeline, Rick attempts to sacrifice himself and let Morty live by giving him his collar, but ultimately he survives too. Meanwhile, Beth and Jerry hit a deer, and bring it to an animal hospital. A hunter claims the deer for his own because he shot it before the accident. Beth is able to save the deer's life and release it.

Rick takes Morty on a trip to teach him how to pilot the flying car. When Rick realizes that Jerry has followed them without being noticed in the back seat, he leaves him in a daycare specifically designed for Jerries from alternate realities. Jerry socializes with other Jerries, some of them left there indefinitely because their Rick and Morty never returned. Rick sells an antimatter gun to Krombopulous Michael, an alien assassin who intends to use it to eliminate a gaseous being whom Rick nicknames Fart that is held captive by alien authorities. Rick plans to spend the day at the "Blips & Chitz" video arcade, but Morty decides to stop the assassin. After Rick and Morty release Fart, they are chased by the authorities. Fart uses telepathic powers to kill the authorities, which also leads to civilian casualties. Later, Morty learns that Fart wants to eliminate all carbon-based life forms. Morty then kills Fart using Krombopulous Michael's antimatter gun. Rick and Morty return to pick up their Jerry, but it is left unclear whether they got the right one.

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